Countries That Are Free from Masks

Countries That Are Free from Masks

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Countries That Are Free from MasksCurrently, many countries were busy because of new variant of COVID-19. It was the delta version, and it is considered as dangerous. The virus can spread and infect people quickly. Moreover, it is not so easy to handle and control the spread of the virus. That is why some countries started to implement the lockdown and other preventive actions to stop the spread of the virus. However, it does not mean that all countries have the same response. In fact, now there are some countries who have released new policy in which the citizens are fee to use or not to use masks when they are outside. This surely creates controversy. Regardless the controversy, these are the countries that have allowed the people not to wear masks.

First, it is United States. Centers for Diseases Controls and Preventions or CDC announced that the rules about wearing masks will be stopped. This rule works on those who have got vaccinated two times. The news about it was announced in 13 May. Rochelle Walensky, the director of CDC, said that those who have got vaccinated two times will have free access to join events, parties, invitations, and other activities and it Is not necessary to wear mask or maintain the social distancing.

southmoltonststyle – Next, there is Denmark. On 14 June, government of Denmark announced that people can stop wearing face mask when they were having activities. However, when they were in public transportation, wearing the mask still becomes compulsory. Moreover, rules about lockdown also get some changes and it was made loose. It was expected that the whole new regulations will be fully implemented in 1 September.

Next, there is France. People in the capital of France was so happy. They threw away their face masks together on 17 June. It was happy moment since government already announced that preventive action for COVID-19 was no longer necessary in outdoor area. In other word, people could stop wearing face masks. Prime Minister Jean Castex said that rules to force people wearing masks will be deleted, and it was based on suggestions of experts. Moreover, situation was quite under control currently in France.

Greece also followed the trends. Government stopped insisting the citizens to wear masks when they were outside. The rules were implemented on 24 June. Moreover, other restrictions were also made simpler. Government said that it was less useful to wear masks during outdoor activity, unless there were many people in the area. Next, it was still necessary to wear masks in rooms.

Iceland is next country that removed the rules of wearing masks. It was announced on 26 June in the official website of the country. mask and social distancing no longer became compulsory. There were also no limit or restriction regarding numbers of people that can visit. of course these all were results of Iceland in handling the spread of COVID-19 well and now the country was ready to get the fruits.

Spain allowed the people to not wear masks. They were free from the masks as long as they maintained social distancing of 1.5 meter. The rules were implemented and announced on 26 June. However, there was additional note in which people still needed to bring masks every time they go so they could immediately wear the masks in case the people did not maintain social distancing.


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