Weekly Favourites, October 6th

Hey everyone! It really has been a while since I've written any blog posts and I've actually really started missing it. It's where everything started for me and it's cheesy but it really is a creative outlet for me. My friends and I don't really chat about fashion and beauty that much as when we do eventually meet up there is so much life to catch up on - so this really is my only place to bang on about my new shoes and all that jazz... To be honest my mates don't care.

What with work being so crazy in the run up to Christmas, I don't think I'll have time for a lot of thorough blog posts but I wanted to find a way I could sort of "check in" and say hello and I figured just sharing a weekly, quick-fire, favourite list was a way togo. They'll be largely fashion led, but I will do some beauty ones too - I really want to do some stuff on things to ask for at Christmas because it's a great time to ask for something special, etc.

dress (paid of Paid Partnership on Instagram with Object

So without further ado, here are a few things I'm after/have bought. I'm really trying to downsize at the moment as will be moving in the not too distant future - so anything I'm buying really has to be perfect, and validate my "one in, one out" wardrobe policy. It's a struggle though, as autumn is my favourite time of year to dress!

To shop click on the items in the carousel (photo galleries, and if you're reading this on a mobile you'll probably need to tap the arrow icons to see all the options) or the hyperlinks (text which is underlined) to go through to their website.


I have a tendency to go a little overboard with new purchases in September and October so I have really promised myself to stick to a palette and some rules. No logos, no patterns, no trend colours. Neutrals, breton stripes, leopard print and maybe some camo (these J Crew joggers must be mine, I'm waiting for the sale). You'll probably have seen a lot of this stuff on my Instagram (here, if you don't already follow) but there will be a few new bits.

Knitwear wise, I'm in the market for a wool hoody. I have this one from Iris and Ink but was mean to it in the wash. If you have the funds I really recommend it, but ideally I'd like to spend less. However, I've also spotted this one from And Other Stories and really, really like it. You'll already have seen this one from J Crew littered all over my Instagram - I bought it last month and love it. I had noticed the neckline had stretched a bit, but when I washed it, it went back to normal. Really love it and it goes with everything.

Alongside knitwear and boots, my other favourite things for autumn are maxi dresses. You can wear them by themselves or throw knitwear on top, and pair with everything footwear wise. I've got these two from And Other Stories; this leopard print maxi and this green oversize dress. Basically, I think Stories are the best for them.


My first "new in" was this coat from New Look that I know a lot of you have already gone for. I got the camel coloured and am now struggling not to have a go with the green too here (I wish they did it in navy, I'm looking for a solid, deep-navy coat). I ignored New Look for so long (and I still don't love everything) but having found a few good bits (I also bought this midi dress) this year they're firmly back on my radar.

Other purchases include my splurge of the season, this Jigsaw coat. I just love it. As soon as I saw it in the adverts I knew it was going to be mine and I tried it on in three different stores before I got it. I also got this lightweight corduroy jacket from Object as part of a collaboration and really love it. Another reason to love autumn is the chance to wear stuff like this, along with denim jackets and stuff. A lot of people seem to wearing the checked jackets, but they're not really my thing... Finally, after seeing the Mint Velvet one in John Lewis the team kindly sent it to me after they'd spotted a few sales when I mentioned it, literally so happy as I couldn't have afforded the two and now am set for life.


I really like autumn footwear. Boots are back out, you can still wear trainers without getting freezing ankles and the same goes for heels and loafers. A few notes; they're much talked about but are a cliche for a reason, the Grenson Nanettes really are quite special. I bought mine last year and they're even better than when I bought them. Grenson know how to make shoes; and they're weatherproof. I tried cheaper ones, they were exactly that. These are the real deal. I got mine from ASOS (which meant if they weren't right, returning was easy) here.

Other favourites include my new found favourite trainers, Adidas Ultraboosts. My boyfriend got me a pair for the gym and they're so comfortable I bought a white pair for everyday. Over the summer my feet got really painful from wearing sh*t, flat shoes - these fixed them within a few days of wearing! Get mine here. The other ones I really rate, and are slightly more office-able, are Vejas. I have the velcro pair here which are kind of marmite, but I also really like these.

Finally, this time of year is when the Gucci loafers come into their own (I have the Jordaans, here). I bought my black pair three years ago and they're still good as new (I did get the sole rubbered, which I really recommend) and then treated myself to a second navy pair for Christmas. They are just the best purchase. Yes, they're the same price as a holiday. But who needs a holiday really? I joke, but you get the gist.

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