Weekly Favourites, October 6th

Hey everyone! It really has been a while since I've written any blog posts and I've actually really started missing it. It's where everything started for me and it's cheesy but it really is a creative outlet for me. My friends and I don't really chat about fashion and beauty that much as when we do eventually meet up there is so much life to catch up on - so this really is my only place to bang on about my new shoes and all that jazz... To be honest my mates don't care.

What with work being so crazy in the run up to Christmas, I don't think I'll have time for a lot of thorough blog posts but I wanted to find a way I could sort of "check in" and say hello and I figured just sharing a weekly, quick-fire, favourite list was a way togo. They'll be largely fashion led, but I will do some beauty ones too - I really want to do some stuff on things to ask for at Christmas because it's a great time to ask for something special, etc.

dress (paid of Paid Partnership on Instagram with Object

So without further ado, here are a few things I'm after/have bought. I'm really trying to downsize at the moment as will be moving in the not too distant future - so anything I'm buying really has to be perfect, and validate my "one in, one out" wardrobe policy. It's a struggle though, as autumn is my favourite time of year to dress!

To shop click on the items in the carousel (photo galleries, and if you're reading this on a mobile you'll probably need to tap the arrow icons to see all the options) or the hyperlinks (text which is underlined) to go through to their website.

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