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If you are anything like me when summer arrives, as much as I am grateful for the warmer climate, I also have a moment of sheer panic over the fact that I am not summer-body ready. Yet again I did that thing where in January I swore to myself I would be supermodel-swimwear-sleek by Easter. By March I'd told myself it was OK to eat my feelings because it was dark and cold and, well, layers were an option. It's now May, it's warm. This isn't ideal.

*dress (currently 20% off with the code CHECKMEOUT) / necklace / choker 

The long established and never changing tactic of wearing printed maxi dresses serves me incredibly well. They do everything I need clothes to do: they cover up, they require minimal thought and they flatter. The End. I do have a couple of more expensive ones, my Ganni obsession is well known, but you can find really good ones on the high street who quite rightly looked to aforementioned Scandi brands, and others like RIXO, Reformation, Faithful... and went "we can do that too, for £150 less." I'm into it.

*dress (currently 20% off with the code CHECKMEOUT) / necklace / choker 

This dress is from ASOS, I'm really impressed with their own-brand offering this year. I still double check the fabric in the small print as a part of me thinks their products could easily set fire is you come within 100 feet of a naked flame, but they do seem to be getting better... I took the liberty of going through their 3446 (literally, not a guesstimate) dress options and picked out my favourites below. I also, annoyingly, succumbed to buying this one in the process. So thank you for making me £32 poorer, but wardrobe-richer...

It's super cheeky of them but ASOS have essentially created a range of £30-40 alternatives to the dresses we want from other brands who charge £150 to £200 for them. For example this dress is pretty much the same as a Ganni one that's £240. This one is a dead ringer for a Sezane one, and it's only £35. If you're after similar ones to the US/Oz brands that have appeared from nowhere (I mean Faithful, Realisation, Reformation...) then this is great, again for £35. Lastly, this dress is exactly the same cut as the Free People one, for £80 less. 

As a final point on ASOS, lots of people say they struggle with them as a website but I really love them. One thing I've found that makes better has been buying ASOS Premium. I've had it for a couple of years now and the major perk for me is that you can return stuff so easily, so anything that doesn't work for me just goes straight back and the money is back in my account before I know it. 

*dress (currently 20% off with the code CHECKMEOUT) / necklace / choker 

Other places I find really good ones include And Other Stories. If you follow me on Instagram you'll already know this as I wear them all the time. They are a little more expensive but I think they're worth it - and they're certainly cheaper than the premium brands that their styles, ahem, pay homage to. It's a boring piece of information but they do wash really well and they're kind of indestructible - I am really mean to my clothes and tend to pour coffees on them, carry around filthy dogs and generally be a bit clumsy in them and they never fail to come out of the machine like new. 

Is this, or is this not, the most beautiful dress you have ever, ever seen? I just ordered it. This one is gorgeous, I'm a big fan of blue and white dresses so it stood out for me straight away (I get their newsletters, which unless you're prepared to spend money regularly, I wouldn't suggest as a life choice). Secondly, this ruffle dress would be great for a wedding but then look really cool with a t shirt and trainers in the week... 

*dress (currently 20% off with the code CHECKMEOUT) / necklace / choker 

If you are happy to part with a little bit more money then brands I rate include Ganni, Faithfull, Staud and Stine Goya... I do love some of the more expensive brands and like to treat myself once in a while, but I think as long as the fabric is a decent quality you can do really well with something under £100. Saying that, I am 100% going to buy myself a The Vampire's Wife dress at some point and they are very expensive.  Find them here if you fancy a lust... 

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