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So, it's been an inexcusably long time since I've blogged. There hasn't been a reason for it beyond being effing busy, I haven't had the whole Instagram fatigue thing that seems to be the new trend on the internet... I just haven't had time, somehow it's been six months and now here I am. This post is on my favourite jewellery bits and bobs, but before I start let me declare an undying love for these jeans. Followers of my Instagram will already know that I own several pairs. As a complete denim snob, they are a good £100 less than any other pair I own but I cannot get enough of them. Find them here, and if they have a pair in your size just bl**dy buy them because they don't stick around in stock for long...

links to products: jeans / t-shirt / beaded bracelets / choker / necklace / nail colour

Ooh also, I think I'll do a different post on this but really want to mention the t-shirt because it's a new brand I'd not heard of before (could well have been living under a rock). Link is here, but here's an explanation... I hate my arms with a passion and therefore am really, really painfully fussy with my t-shirts. Also, having worked with Parisians for three years I realised the secret to their ability to not ever look sh*t is that they have the reverse shopping behaviour to us Brits. 

We tend to not spend a huge amount of t-shirts because we wear them constantly and then just replace them. The French instead will spend a lot of money on these kind of basics because in their minds if you wear them a lot then you need something good because otherwise you'll look scrappy a lot. I fully converted to this a few years ago and now swear by brands like rag&bone, Victoria Beckham and (now) Toteme. I've done my homework, the latter get their fabric from the same places as Lanvin, Gucci and Givenchy so although you'll pay way more than you will at Uniqlo at least you're not a mug paying £330 with any of the aforementioned brands. The cut of this tee makes me feel good... and that bl**dy says something. I cannot recommend them enough, find mine here

Ok, so, jewellery. I'm going to make this easy for myself, totally selfishly, as I get asked all the time about the stuff I wear on Instagram so I can use this as a reference point. So below is a breakdown of my favourite brands for all things necklaces in alphabetical order, and I'll do rings and bracelets afterwards: 

Astley Clarke = I own a few pieces from them and have to say I think they they're the best of the mid priced options. They do a mix of gold plated and solid. My choker (in the pictures) has been going strong for almost two years, here. I've got my eye on this pearl one, here, which I think is damn good value for £95.

Goldstone London = My friend Joe introduced me to Lauren who runs the company. She makes super beautiful low-key, high-quality pieces. I have a gorgeous Colombian emerald necklace you might have spotted (I absolutely love it as Lopez was named after a Colombian friend, long story, another time) and also have the one that looks a bit like an arrowhead. Check it all out here (she also does commissions, which I think is the stand out thing about Lauren, as an FYI).

Matthew Calvin x Claire Menary = As Instagram followers know, my friend Claire (and another pal, Rachael) recently did a collaboration with Matthew Calvin. They gave me two pieces, a ring mentioned below, and this Oro necklace which I love. I like that they're simple but also kind of a bit different (which coincidentally will be the title of my first album...).

Missoma = Unless you've been living under a rock you'll know of these guys. I'm lucky enough to have been gifted some bits by the team, Lucy and a couple of bits for my various birthdays. I love the brand - particularly the evil eye necklaces that me and my best friend both have (we also have the rings, as below).

Rachel Jackson = I had long been a fan of Rachel's stuff. When Clemmie did a collaboration with her I was gifted a necklace that you'll often see me wear here, and I went on to buy one of the chain bracelets that I infuriatingly lost on my last trip away. I love that it's a London brand, I love Rachel's story and, obviously, love the fact one of the good'uns from the industry did a pair up with her. All in all, I really recommend it. 

Oh and for anyone asking, I am phenomenally lazy and never take my jewellery off. It means a lot of it does tarnish quicker, but life is too short in my humble opinion. I'm fundamentally lazy and forgetful so I've recently started wearing a watch and essentially start every swim or bath time shrieking as I realise I've still got it on. It does mean every morning starts with a bit of an untangling session, but the effort required to do that is less than the effort required to put on/take off every day and quite frankly time in my bed is precious. I get quite a few emails from people saying that they've been disappointed by some of the above brands... In my humble opinion you need to either take them off and have them last longer, or just accept it's going to happen. As much as none of the are cheap, they're not fine jewellery, so it happens.

Next up, earrings. I had one set of piercings until I was 28 and then got led astray through spending too much time looking at cool people on the internet with lots of hoops and holes. I have three piercings on my right side, and two on the left. My third piercing was from Maria Tash, and I have to say if you can afford it, they're really good. I have a moon bar here, have never taken it out. It's been there for nearly three years and it looks like new. Here are my favourite bits:

Astley Clarke = I've got a lot from these guys because I absolutely love their charm studs. I've got the evil eyes (probably my favourite pair, here), the wishbones, the letters and loads more. I've had them for years and they last. Check them out here

Astrid and Miyu - I bought some of their huggies here from them during the Black Friday sale and was really impressed. I thought they might be one of those Instagram-fad brands as all the images I'd seen online looked heavily filtered and I half expected something to turn up made out of tin foil. Mais non.  They're really good and I went on to buy these the other month which I've got in at the moment.

Missoma - Quelle surprise, but I love their shark tooth hopes, their stone drops, their studs. All of it please. Pricing isn't bad, I've never been disappointed. Find them all here

My taste isn't for everyone, I like mixing my earrings up and aside from only ever wearing gold I don't really have any rules. I don't buy cheap stuff either, by cheap I mean Accessorize sort of stuff. Not because I'm a snob(ok, maybe a little) but also because my ears don't like them and I look like I've got rugby player ears overnight, not cool. I like having non symmetrical jewellery, although I always buy stuff in pairs. 

Next up, rings. Ever since I can remember I've loved rings. I think it's because when I was younger I played quite a lot of sport so could never wear them. So when I got lazy and the sport stuff stopped (my piano teacher also hated them - and I didn't like them much so it's probably a stubbornness thing too) along came the rings. In full force. I don't wear thumb rings because I've never found one I liked enough, but aside from that I'd wear rings on every finger if I could find the right set up... Here are my faves:

Astley Clarke - Them again! But my long standing, best wearing, ring is a rose gold and diamond one from them and I think it's only right to give them a shout out for it. I am mean to my hands and it's weathered the storm.

Dinny Hall - without a doubt the piece I get asked most about is my pinky ring. It was a gift from the brand which I really didn't expect so is really special, and is my second from them as it's plated and after about 18 months had taken a real battering. I. Love. It.

Missoma - Here they are again. I have a lot from them again, namely the evil eye, the green stoned stuff from Lucy's collaboration here and the roman coins, here. I will say that the styles that aren't fully circular (have a gap in, does that make sense?) haven't weathered very well, but aside from that I absolutely love them.

Monica Vinader = I have a love hate relationship with MV. I really love some of their styles but I have been disappointed by them tarnishing. However, it's my own fault because I never take them off! The two solid rings I have (shown above) have stayed perfect for years. The plated stuff less so and I kind of know now when I buy a new one that if I don't take it off it probably has a shelf life of a year...

The Workbench - My friends at The Workbench made my thin pinky ring. It's really special to me as it was made during One Roof's first event three years ago. In case you don't know of them, they create at-home crafting boxes (or run events, they're amazing for hen dos) where you carve your own ring and then post off the wax version - they forge the metal version and send it to you. It's genius. If you fancy giving it a go, drop them a line and ask for Katie or Kirstie. They're both legends.

Also, I've tried the whole "chain ring" thing and it just doesn't work for me. I bought an amazing one from a small Italian brand called Atelier VM (check them out here, they're gorgeous) but it fell off and also tried one of the Monica Vinader ones which suffered the same fate. I love, love, love them but they don't love me. If anyone has any ideas, hit me up.

links to products: jeans / t-shirt / beaded bracelets / choker / necklace / nail colour

Lastly, my bracelets. They're an eclectic mix of more expensive Astley Clarke (here), Roxanne Assoulin (here, ridiculous amount to pay for friendship bracelets but f*ck it I love them - try trawling Etsy here for cheaper ones but... Pay peanuts, get monkeys) and then stuff my Mum has found in markets on her holidays (my most precious ones is a swallow on a string she bought me from Porto for 5€... That's it from me for now... Who knows when I'll next blog... I should probably say happy Christmas, birthday, Halloween etc just in case life gets a bit mental again...

Photography by Claire Menary. Affiliate links one billion percent used throughout this. Girls gotta eat.

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