Sin Hiding Summer Dresses

If you are anything like me when summer arrives, as much as I am grateful for the warmer climate, I also have a moment of sheer panic over the fact that I am not summer-body ready. Yet again I did that thing where in January I swore to myself I would be supermodel-swimwear-sleek by Easter. By March I'd told myself it was OK to eat my feelings because it was dark and cold and, well, layers were an option. It's now May, it's warm. This isn't ideal.

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Whistles Linen Blazer and a little bit about T-shirts

links to product (affiliate) = green blazer / jeans / white tee shirt / shoes / sunglasses

First and foremost, this photo really made me want to sing Elvis songs. I'm not sure what I was doing and it's been a while since I've done any kind of posing so apologies for the random stance. This was taken as Claire and I went for dinner when we had a little mini break the other week to shoot some fun content for another project. As the day job is so mental at the moment I thought I'd use it as an excuse to get some other content bits done as I didn't have a single photo to post for Instagram and realised that was pretty bad form...



My Favourite Jewellery Finds

links to products: jeans / t-shirt / beaded bracelets / choker / necklace / nail colour (OPI, no stopping me now)

So, it's been an inexcusably long time since I've blogged. There hasn't been a reason for it beyond being effing busy, I haven't had the whole Instagram fatigue thing that seems to be the new trend on the internet... I just haven't had time, somehow it's been six months and now here I am. This post is on my favourite jewellery bits and bobs, but before I start let me declare an undying love for these jeans. Followers of my Instagram will already know that I own several pairs. As a complete denim snob, they are a good £100 less than any other pair I own but I cannot get enough of them. Find them here, and if they have a pair in your size just bl**dy buy them because they don't stick around in stock for long...
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