Not Another Ganni Maxi Dress

I was never going to write this post at the risk of repeating myself. Me wearing a maxi dress is hardly breaking news. Up until the spring you'll find me wearing one of two outfits; jeans and a (most likely grey, or possibly if I'm feeling wild, striped) jumper or a maxi dress and ankle boots. I've already done a post on my favourite maxi dresses for the year (here if you've missed it) so surely that's me done? Nope. But with good reason; Black Friday means this dress is 25% off at the moment in the Net A Porter private sale (which means you must be a subscriber) - find it here.  Secondly, the boots are 30% off from here (link to entire Net A Porter private sale here - Thank me later...).

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Ooh and on the subject of Black Friday lots of you have been asking about my newsletter. The plan was to do one on Thursday AM but different brands are doing different offers so I think I've got no choice but to create a landing page that I'll update daily and send a little newsletter from Wednesday. Sign up here if you want it.

other great Ganni picks

outfit links dress / boots / bag 

I get asked a lot about Ganni, whether its worth the money, sizing etc. Here are my thoughts: Sizing is Danish so works differently to the rest of Europe. Essentially everything is a "size down" so if you're usually a UK 12, then in typical European stores you'll be a 40. In Ganni you'll be a 38. In terms of it being worth the money, obviously when there is a discount it's better, but when there isn't I stick to buying the cheaper things from their collections...

outfit links dress / boots / bag 

Aside from the obvious fact that spending £500 on a dress isn't an option, the difference between their £150 pieces and £500 is often that the piece is made from cotton rather than silk. If you're anything like me, cotton is better any way because that way you can wash it yourself and don't have to fork out for a dry cleaner. Plus if you're clumsy (*waves*) you won't find yourself saving it for best.

outfit links dress / boots / bag 

Ooh and the boots. Whistles gave them to me at the beginning of the season and I've lived in them. I have stupidly tiny feet (size 3.5... excellent for sale times and I fit into the kids trainers) so heels are hard as I literally don't have much foot to then reach the ground. So if I say a shoe is comfortable I think I have a valuable opinion. Whistles are doing 30% of their entire site for Black Friday weekend (I believe thats what the newsletter said, if you can't find it it might be that those subscribed get the heads up so be patient) here, including the boots, which you can get in black here or brown here.


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