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It's officially summer and let me tell you how I know... My feet are out. As much as one of my things is keeping my nails nicely (I have a manicure every two weeks in the cheapy place by the station near me and it's my little treat to myself and has been for years) my feet don't always get the same love and care. When summer comes, so does the panic about about the state of my feet. So, when Marks and Spencer asked me to contribute to their Treat Your Feet campaign (see the content featuring a few influencers here) it really resonated as finding footwear that works for me for the start of the summer is really important. 

Summer footwear suitable for work is tricky. You can't usually wear flip flops or flimsy sandals, and if like me the sun suddenly appears from nowhere then your feet may not be quite ready for public attention. I'd had my eye on a pair of woven mules for ages having seen them on Instagram loads so was thrilled when the project meant I could get a pair...

sandals* / shirt* / skirt* / sunglasses* / pouch* / similar pouch* (links marked with an * are affiliate tagged)

They're black so suitable for work, smart enough for the office with a skirt or trousers but also useful for after work and weekends as they look great with jeans and t shirts. My friend works in quite corporate office and isn't allowed to show toes as part of the work uniform; these would be perfect for that. They're backless (but stay on your feet) so keep you cool but also definitely a nod to the warmer months.

sandals* / shirt* / skirt* / sunglasses* / pouch* / similar pouch* (links marked with an * are affiliate tagged)

It's not part of the post but I'd like to give a special mention to the shirt in this post. I had to build an outfit around the shoes and picked what I thought was quite a standard, generic white shirt. How wrong I was! It fits so well, much better than more expensive ones I already own (in fact I eBayed two of them because this one was so much better). I feel really good in it; it's slightly oversize but in the kind of way that you feel like you can move in it. I really like how it makes me feel, which sounds daft for a shirt. Basically if you're after a work shirt or just a white one I really recommend it. Find it here

sandals* / shirt* / skirt* / sunglasses* / pouch* / similar pouch* (links marked with an * are affiliate tagged)

I share my favourite tips for summer feet over on Marks and Spencer's website here, and you can find links to all the items above the pictures in this post. Thrilled with my new sandals, they come in brown too which I saw in store yesterday and they look really good. Quite tempted, although somehow brown doesn't feel smart enough for the office... What do you think?

sandals* / shirt* / skirt* / sunglasses* / pouch* / similar pouch* (links marked with an * are affiliate tagged)

*this is a paid collaboration with Marks and Spencer via iCrossing. Photography by Claire Menary. This is a standard footer on all blog pieces; some links used in this post may be created with an affiliate tag meaning I will receive a small % of any purchases made as a result of clicking on them. This does not make any price difference for you, the consumer.

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