Getting Ready For Spring

I'm done with waiting; I need Spring. Seriously though, aren't you just a little bit over having to wear the same dark coloured clothing? This week's weather is odd; it'll be 12 degrees by the weekend and our poor plants don't know what is going on! Some are in bloom, some are still in hibernation. I did feel a bit sad to see the daffodils on the Heath ruined by March's brutal weather. 

Any way, I'm digressing. I wanted to talk to you about Spring clothing. I don't necessarily believe in needing to equip yourself "for the new season" as in truth I have the basics already so will just add to them when I like something (I'm currently eBaying like a mo-fo to make room for new stuff as my wardrobe's are bursting at the seams). I love adding in some colour; it cheers everything up. I borrowed this top from Whistles for my Blogosphere shoot, so before I needed to return it I thought I'd take some pictures in it...

Side Striped Trousers

outfit links = grey jumper (in cream here) / stripe trousers / trainers / coat (old) / bag

Phew, that disgusting weather is done with. Don't get me wrong I loved the snow... For about an hour. After that I was wishing it away as early morning walks with a stubborn, grumpy, cold dog just were not pleasant and I spent the whole week in either leggings or my pyjamas. Ridiculously given that I live in London, I was snowed in. My street is on a really steep slope and wasn't gritted so getting anywhere was a nightmare. How I didn't fall on the second day of it when trying to get to the tube is beyond me....

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