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Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have notice trends from the East are, erm, on trend. It started with the beauty world as Korean and Japanese face products seeped into our stores, but when Gucci started embellishing everything with dragons it wasn't long before the high street started doing the same. As a curvy, short person I can't do the kimonos or the majority of Chinese inspired shapes - so when ASOS brought out this dress I was thrilled as I love the look of it all, it just doesn't like me.

outfit links = dress, ASOS (similar here) / shoes, L.K.Bennett / bag, Gucci

ASOS are a "brand" it took me a while to get on board with and it was only really last year when they did a tonne of amazing summer dresses that I started trust the quality. Granted there is a lot of cheap fabric and poorly made stuff on there but if you look hard enough stuff like this comes up. At the time of going "to press" the dress is still available in most sizes - however - as with lots of ASOS-own products it will more than likely fly off the virtual shelves ASAP.

The shape is a go-to one for me, I have quite a few maxi dresses in the exact same cut. I feel good in them; they cover my arms just enough, the patterns take the eye away from examining my silhouette and the fact it's drawn it at the waist means I don't feel self conscious in it. I bought this for a friend's birthday drinks at Petersham Nurseries - it's perfect as it'll work in February and beyond, I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it.  

outfit links = dress, ASOS (similar here) / shoes, L.K.Bennett / bag, Gucci

As for other Chinese inspired pieces tread carefully and don't be upset if the tradition "button on the side bust" doesn't work for you. I can remember as a teenager, my Mum coming back from a work placement in Beijing and being absolutely devastated that the traditional dresses she brought back for me didn't fit - but did fit my taller, slimmer sister. It's only in recent years I've realised that some styles just aren't meant to be. Here are a few slightly more shape friendly pieces =

outfit links = dress, ASOS (similar here) / shoes, L.K.Bennett / bag, Gucci

As for the details I dusted off this bag to give it a it of a pop colour wise. Ideally I'd love to have had a dark red one to match the tones of the dress (and my shoes) but I didn't think this through quick enough. Have to say, I wore this bag to death when I bought it two years ago but now I have slightly larger ones it doesnt get as much airing. That said, when summer comes it gets a lot more use as it's great for weddings and occasions. So, I do think it was a good purchase but an everyday bag it is not - too small!

outfit links = dress, ASOS (similar here) / shoes, L.K.Bennett / bag, Gucci

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