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Followers of my Stories will know that on Monday I was shooting "something" for a new mascara. I tried my best to keep it under wraps as it's all for this very post - but the keener of observers sussed out that it was for the new Bad Gal BANG Benefit mascara, as a few other influencers had posted their content too. Talking about (and putting on) beauty products is a huge passion of me; if I were starting a blog now I'd probably only write about skincare and makeup. I was asked by Debenhams to talk about the mascara's launch in their stores - and my god is my job easy when the it's so damn good. So, without further ado - let me tell you the ways and reasons you need to make a purchase...

mascara / outfit details seen below; pearl detail shirt (alternative shirt as low stock) / jeans / shoes / green ring / pinky ring

Firstly, if you're one of those people who think a mascara is a mascara (the "potato" "potah-toe" types), please think again.  As a frequent Benefit user I knew this was going to be good. I've used the Bad Gal mascara's before so was very excited to try the newly revamped version. 

When it comes to mascara I'm looking for a few things; I need it to be quick to apply, to cope with my weirdly long lashes without grazing my eye lids with a thin black coating throughout the day - and most importantly to look good.

mascara / outfit details; pearl detail shirt (alternative shirt as low stock) / jeans / shoes / green ring / pinky ring

When we got together to shoot these photos the plan was to shoot outside amongst a pretty, floral background as per usual. But as I was getting ready I was so taken by the "before and after" when I put on the mascara that Claire just snapped on the go... Turns out they were the best photos of the day! I'll do a live putting on sesh over on Instagram, but please trust me when I say this product is "wow."

mascara / outfit details; pearl detail shirt (alternative shirt as low stock) / jeans / shoes / green ring / pinky ring

I've read the small print so you don't have to... This mascara is supposed to stay put for 36 hours. Now, as an avid skincare regime fan that's not necessarily something I'd advise (or have tested) but it's good to know those unexpected sleepovers don't have to mean panda eyes, right?

It also says it's volumising which is SOMETHING THEY SHOULD PUT IN CAPITALS because it, really, really does. I have long, flat, blonde lashes so I usually use an eyelash curler and then apply my mascara. With the Bad Gal I really didn't needed the former; it curls and colours your lashes to an inch of their lives - in a very, very good way.

mascara / outfit details; pearl detail shirt (alternative shirt as low stock) / jeans / shoes / green ring / pinky ring

I'm always super conscious (as some who not only blogs, but reads blogs) that when a big campaign like this goes live, whether or not to believe the hype. So I don't know how to correctly voice how much I love this - it's gone in my gym bag already, and I'm going to buy a second one (the first was a gift with the partnership) to have at home. I thought my other one (that shall for this post remain nameless but longer term followers will know which one) was good, but Bad Gal BANG knocks it out of the park...

I'd also like to give a thorough "thumbs up" to Debenhams who not only brought this mascara into my life, but also dressed me for this post. I popped into the Oxford Street store to find an outfit to wear for the photographs and was really impressed by their offering. I had a great time checking out their exclusives (in particular, Savannah Miller's range here is very good) and then picked out this shirt and these shoes - which are a perfect mix of a smart enough for work, low enough to run around in... The jeans are my own, but Debenhams sell the exact same pair, here.

mascara / outfit details; pearl detail shirt (alternative shirt as low stock) / jeans / shoes / green ring / pinky ring

Before I go lets get back to Beauty; in case you haven't picked up on this already I really do think the mascara is very good. At £21.50 it's not bad, I obviously can't tell you how long it'll last but if my memory serves me correctly Benefit's products do last a while. Ooh, and I'd also like to say I put this white shirt on over my head having applied a first coat, and there wasn't a trace of the mascara on the fabric - yet it was easy to remove that evening. Winner.

This post was written in collaboration with Debenhams via RewardStyle. All styling my own. Photography by Claire Menary. This is a standard footer on all blog pieces; some links used in this post may be created with an affiliate tag meaning I will receive a small % of any purchases made as a result of clicking on them. This does not make any difference to you, the consumer.

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