Starting 2018 With A Bang

Somehow we made it to 2018! December was an absolute whirlwind and it felt like it was that way for everyone, lets give ourselves a pat on the back! This year I'm going to be downsizing the amount of blog content I do and focussing a little more on YouTube as I've found I really enjoy it. My following is currently laughable, so if you fancy helping an old dog with some new tricks please do subscribe to my channel here

Now the blog will go back to being very simple outfit posts, inspiration and some travel mixed in then I go away. All my beauty stuff can either be found here at my beauty store (where I keep a full list of everything I use) or over on Youtube where I'm doing proper tutorials and reviews. To start the year off I thought I'd show you some pieces I've been living in for the last couple of months in this post. Luckily for you most of them are now on the sale too! 

Lets start with my top which is from a new designer for me. CLU were a really good discovery last year. I'm not sure where the brand is from but essentially the pieces are sturdy basics with a twist. Each piece has a little detail you wouldn't expect. I've worn this top to death already; it's really good for those days when you have no idea what to wear to work. Depending on what you pair it with (jeans for example) it can look really good at weekends too. They're about level with Sandro prices, so a treat rather than a mid-month purchase and I'm really impressed with their quality. Check out their whole collection, here - there are some fab pieces in the sale.

My trousers are one of the best things I've ever owned. They were a gift from Net A Porter last year and I really wasn't sure if I was going to like them. On the website they looked quite fitted and I was worried they'd be too tight. But when I tried them on they're just amazing. I've made a vow to get out of jeans as much as I can during the week - I feel a bit scrappy now at times now we've got a few more corporate style clients at work.

So as much as they look smarter they feel like you're wearing pyjamas, and the elastic waist more than came in handy over Christmas! I used to hate velvet but I'm a bit obsessed with it now. They're great for me as I don't want to be wearing suit trousers as that's just not my style - and they always get noticed (not that I'm after that but it's always nice to get a compliment on something you're wearing!).

My bags are proper staples, I almost feel I shouldn't say anymore as I've banged on about both so much recently. The Gucci Soho was such a brilliant purchase, and I'm glad I bought it when I did because the prices just seem to keep going up. Last year I went a bit nuts and bought a few handbags, which really isn't like me as I'm not one to own lots of the same thing. I got the mini Gucci marmont this time last year and love it, but found it too small for everyday use. 

The Soho is perfect; I can fit everything into it. Everything. I can get my camera, purse, phone, bits of make up, keys and more in there. I was also a bit worried about the colour (I got pale because I wanted a bag that worked for summer events/weddings) but it's stayed really clean and the leather looks pretty much brand new - after 6 months of throwing it around, leaving it on floors and taking it to the beach, I think thats quite good.

The clutch is from Elizabeth Scarlett, if you follow me on Instagram (here) you'll have seen I use it all the time. In the summer it works as a clutch bag, but I mainly use it to keep my make up in. I have a couple of them now and they're brilliant when I travel. I use one for make up, one for medications (yep, thats how much I have to take...) and one for skincare and hair stuff. They're £20 which I think is brilliant value. Find them here

The shoes are oldies I'm afraid, from And Other Stories. They're just brilliant, but I feel bad talking about them when you can't get them anymore. One takeaway point is that I've never failed with And Other Stories footwear - it's always good! Here are a pretty similar pair from them in the sale for £35, here.

So that's about it from me for today. Thank you very much for all your support in 2017, couldn't do this without your support. Well I could but it would be much less fun. Lets make 2018 awesome!

Photography by Claire Menary


theflairsophy said...

I am itching to dip my toes into the video/YouTube space as well, but still a bit too scared. Is it hard? Or have you any advice/tips for someone who is thinking about it. I appreciate you're fairly new in the YouTube space as well, but would value some tips xx

Anonymous said...

So glad you are going to do more YouTube. I've missed you!

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