Getting Ready For Christmas With The White Company

Somehow unbeknown to man it's December. Everyone is saying it and my reasoning isn't by any means unique, but wow hasn't this year gone fast? I barely feel like we managed a Summer and before we had the clocks going back and it's time for Christmas! Thank goodness The White Company asked me to work with them on my favourite Christmas essentials, as without them I don't think my lot would be getting anything this year as we're so busy right up to Christmas Eve.

As if it was meant to be, the same week we arranged this collaboration the team at Fantastic Services offered to deliver us a tree, complete with stand, in return for social media mentions. I had no idea this service existed! Very handy for Londoners who don't have cars, or like us, live on top of a very hill! Reasonably priced too, do check them out!

As you know through my posts with the brand throughout the year, there are a few Winter traditions where only The White Company will do. Cashmere socks? Has to be from them, here. Cold-weather home scent? My boyfriend and I are in firm agreement that the flat has to smell of The White Company's "Winter" scent, here. We have a bottle of the scent from last year which is sprayed around the place the minute the heating goes on.

On Monday morning I spent the morning in my (surprisingly-reasonably-priced-given-the-quality) robe with Lopez and we decorated the tree together. Obviously Lopez didn't actually put any decorations on it, but he is always really baffled as to why we're bringing something from the outside in (it's all down to Prince Albert, in case you didn't know). We put the Netflix fire on, got some Michael Buble on the speakers and had some fun making the flat all festive.

I've had decorations from The White Company before, they're really good quality and the often-neutral colours mean they go with any colour scheme. They also pack away into really small boxes which sounds like a weird point but if you're like me and live in a flat its really handy. My ones are all tagged under my pictures, and you can find their whole offering here

Now; the presents! I have a theory when it comes to gifting you should either buy something someone definitely wants, or something you know they'd never treat themselves to. For example I know my Mum wants this particular candle (she pretty much gets one every year as its one of those Christmas traditions nobody dares to break) but I also know she'd be ecstatic with cashmere joggers as she loves something soft but would never think to buy it herself. Here are a few things I've got on my to-buy list for friends and family.

My Gift Recommendations

When I was putting this post together it really reminded me quite how good The White Company is for Christmas. If you wanted it to, you could make it your one stop shop pretty easily. I was already going in to get Mum a candle, my sister her socks and various relatives photo frames (absolute winner if you don't already know: Give a grandparent a picture of you and your siblings. It also means you have better control of the photos being passed around the family!). But, having done this I've bought quite a lot more, like this clear travel pouch for my friend who constantly travels and is fed up with having to get her beauty stuff out at the terminal. 

I know I've heavily mentioned their socks but these guys have been on my feet long before the blog came around. They're the epitome of indulgence and in winter I keep a pair on the radiator so the minute I come home and my shoes come off, these go on. They are really special and a proper treat so would make a brilliant gift for the "hard to buy for" girl on your list (if they're office goers, make their Winter days a little more bearable with these black ones too - perfect for hiding under workwear). I'd also really recommend their nightwear; it's very good quality and a real treat of a gift without breaking the bank. I have these ones but search everything they have here.

Last but not least, I can wholeheartedly recommend their cashmere v-detail jumpers. I love these, I got one in March as part of a Mothers Day project and just absolutely love it. I've worn it to death and not been very kind to it and it's still going strong. It's soft, quite fitted (so can look smart) and just a bit special. They come in a few colours, but my favourite is the pale blue here.

If your Christmas is as hectic as mine, have a peek at The White Company  Yes, this is a partnered post, but as you'll see from my Stories here lots of family will be getting stuff from them this year! Whatever you're doing this Christmas please make sure you eat, drink and be merry!

This post was sponsored by The White Company. All product features, selects, content and imagery are my own (as were quite a lot of the products as you know I'm a big fan!). Photography by Claire Menary.

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