Golden Season

Ever so often you buy something complete different to your usual style, and within seconds of wearing it, it feels as if you've never been without it. I spied this jacket in Topshop in a quick visit between meetings. It was one of those cr*ppy days where nothing was going right, so I decided to treat myself. They didn't appear online for ages so I've held back in telling you about it. It's finally available here, but it seems to be selling out super fast so if you want it I'd be quick about it.

I got it home and the boy wasn't too taken with it. To be fair, it's a big change from my usual black and blue blazers. So, it hung in the wardrobe for a couple of weeks whilst I gathered the courage to wear it. Last week there was a breakfast with Gap to celebrate the holidays at Shoreditch House and I thought I'd give it a go - there were enough of my mates going to get a genuine verdict on it. In short, they loved it and I think two of them have run off to buy it...

So there is no secret that velvet is a thing this season. It took me a while but I'm finally doing it, I had awful memories of a velvet alice band as a kid that I hated as it always rubbed against my ears. It started with the velvet trousers from And Other Stories (in a previous post here) and I recently bought these J Crew velvet pants. But I do think jackets are the way to go as there is something super "cool" about them; they make you look confident without storming up the arrogance scale, if that makes sense.

Some people often forget all about shape and style when they're after a garment of a certain colour; we've all got that t shirt in our wardrobe with the cr*p neckline that we wear to see our parents as Mum loves how it "brings out your eyes." Basically, stop doing that. The same rules apply to buying a velvet jacket as they do with any other jacket. Above are my favourites.

The tee shirt was a treat to myself before we went to Paris in the summer with my parents. It was pretty brilliant, but sold out very quickly. Net A Porter have restocked a couple of times and a bird told me more were on their way - so do keep your eyes peeled. That said, be careful when you wash them as mine has a teeny little hole in the front now. I suspect it was my monster of a washing machine but you never know...

The jeans are such a win I'm not even sure how to describe it to you. I live in them. Yeah again they're from Weekday and I'm so happy with them. They're the Seattle fit and I went with my usual size (27). For £40 I just can't believe how good the denim quality is. There is a 20% off offer this weekend here

The bag was a gift from Net A Porter for my birthday next week. I'd wanted an APC bag since my little sister got her half moon one, and when I saw this I knew I had to have it. I was lucky enough to get a few things as a gift which will be staggered out in posts in the next few weeks, but in short, I feel like a very lucky girl.

The shoes are from L.K.Bennett and are my third pair in this style. They're brilliantly practical and easy to run around in. I love an oxblood coloured shoe too as they go with everything but don't have the "out there ness" of a bright red. Thoroughly recommend them, and I have awkward feet so if I say they're comfy they really must be.

Photography by Claire Menary.

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