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I saw this jumper at the beginning of the season and knew I had to make it mine. Is it practical? Hell no. Do I really need it? Nah. Will I love, care and treasure it for the rest of time? Absolutely. And so, the Ganni knit of dreams and I were united...

outfit links = jumper / jeans / bag / earrings / shoes 

I was a bit worried as the small had sold out so I got the medium. It's actually a perfect fit; it's supposed to be big and comfy. The wool is so, so soft and the bow at the back is quite a firm fabric so it holds firmly throughout the day. In short as much as it's an investment, I think it's a really good buy. Chunky knits are a thing at the moment, but they've never really not been in my wardrobe. They're warm and they hide the amount of pudding you eat. What more could you want?

outfit links = jumper / jeans / bag / earrings / shoes 

Like most of my friends, I've fallen in love with Ganni this year. It's always been in the background but it really seems to have come alive in the last year or two. I have a couple of tops, skirts and now this jumper from them. In terms of what you can wear with it I was worried how much I'd be able to wear this when it got really cold. However,  I've been looking on Pinterest for inspiration and found you can do the following =

. wear a shirt with buttons at the back, or a back to front shirt so the buttons show down the back
. wear a different texture underneath; sequins, velvet, etc
. wear a bright colour or a stripe (this looks great with a breton shirt underneath)

Accessories = my pearl earrings / my earrings / Roman ring / blue and white stone ring (shop the whole Missoma collection here)

My earrings are brilliant. I discovered Kenneth Jay Lane in the summer when I bought some of his blue drop earrings. His stuff is the perfect mix of costume jewellery (so not that expensive) and decent quality. I have a few things from him now and I really, really love them - they'd be a brilliant Christmas request so here is a link to all of his stuff. I was so sick of spending £10 here and there on earrings that just broke or fell apart within one wear, so spending £50 or £60 quid seems pretty sensible to me.

In the summer it was all about big and bold colours, but if you look at the number of pearl earrings on Net A Porter here at the moment you can't deny it's a big trend. I like them because they're timeless, I'll be wearing these for ages. They dress up a plain outfit throughout the year.

My other stuff won't be new to you unless you're a new reader as I never take it off. Lucy's second Missoma collection is on everyone, but for me there's a lovely personal touch as it's lovely to see someone so deserving create something that's just so her, and doing so well. I have this necklace and this ring and it never comes off. Other bangles and rings include this Astley Clarke ring (also where my earrings are from, here) and this blue and white stone ring. I also have a tonne of stone bracelets like this here, they've halved the price of them now - annoying for me, fab for you!

outfit links = jumper / jeans / bag / earrings / shoes 

The bag was bought second hand from Vestiaire Collective, here. I'd wanted one for years and years and then eventually ended up with two as I found one as Bicester Village too (it was beans on toast for the rest of the month...). They're different sizes and leathers, and I've compared them over on YouTube here.  I've also talked about buying second hand (I used to work in the sector) and where you can trust, etc. Have to say, I'm thrilled with this bag. It's a really handy size and it's been really hardy. I'm quite clumsy and not very kind to my clothes so if they work for me they'll probably work for you.

outfit links = jumper / jeans / bag / earrings / shoes 

I'd also like to say, if you're a new follower - hello! Thanks to Clemmie mentioning my Black Friday offer page (here) I've got some lovely new faces following me on Instagram. I'm not going to bombard the big BF-day on you, I'll just pop a link on my Stories each time I add a brand to it. Check it out here if you haven't already - but be warned; lots of people can't resist the homeware stuff, or the little black dress from Monsoon. Enjoy!

Photography by Claire Menary


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