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Oh HOLA Sundays! It feels like you've been a long time in coming! Here's me doing what I do best; sitting on steps on Sundays whilst waiting for a free space at the pub up the road, looking ever so slightly lost and wearing my comfiest clothes. I thought I'd share my weekend habits that I've found brilliant in getting me back up and running for Monday mornings...

One thing is very important on Sundays; no work. Absolutely none. Admittedly in the winter this gets harder if you're a blogger because the shorter days in winter take away the chance to shoot photography before or after work, but as much as you possibly can give yourself a break. Yes, that includes Instagramming - if you really have to there is an app that will actually post (rather than schedule) posts for you called Onlypult. Probably handy for anyone working on a brand too, as ironically Sundays are the best days for engagement.

On that, I used to be one of those people who thought receiving and sending late night emails was a sign of someone's commitment to the cause. However, I recently went to a seminar where this lady explained she wouldn't ever do business with someone who did that, as it means either means they have taken on too much and don't know how too delegate, or that they are just simply disorganised. So, I've stopped doing it. You won't hear from me on weekends now, unless my life depends on it.

outfit links = sweater / jeans / trainers / bag / moon earring / gold and blue earrings / sun earrings

The next thing is wear clothes that make you feel how you want to feel. In my case that's comfortable and borderline outside-the-house-acceptable. I found this sweater in Topshop and was delighted because I'd previously seen it in Madewell for £30 more expensive. Before then I hadn't cottoned on that Club Petanque was a brand in it's own right - but since then I've found the below that I like, or view the whole collection here.

outfit links = sweater / jeans / trainers / bag / moon earring / gold and blue earrings / sun earrings

The rest of my outfit is pretty standard for me; pieces I wear all the time for good reason. My jeans are my Seattle fit Weekday ones, they're really very good (as I've already harped on about enough) and my trainers are the Adidas ones everyone has. Having lived in Nike's for the last few years having Adidas ones felt a bit weird but they're incredibly comfortable and I'm rebelling in my adult-freedom of being able to never do the laces up (used to drive my Mum crazy).

outfit links = sweater / jeans / trainers / bag / moon earring / gold and blue earrings / sun earrings

Other things to do on Sundays include my beauty routine because that's an actually fixed point in my day. Even the boyfriend is into it now. You can see the ones I used over on my YouTube channel here,  so if you are watching this on the weekend make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy. I'd also recommend exercising in the mornings; be a sloth all day but get yourself moving first thing. Whether it's running, gymming, yoga - it doesn't matter - there's lots to be said for the mental benefits of getting sweaty.

Finally, my last thing was to treat yourself. That doesn't have to be a new items of clothing, it could be that you're extra kind to yourself and allow your body to tell you when to get up in the morning. Or, it could be that you finally get the sticky bun in the cafeteria around the corner. Or the dress you've wanted in Whistles for 3 months (maybe thats just me).

outfit links = sweater / jeans / trainers / bag / moon earring / gold and blue earrings / sun earrings

My last treat to myself was getting my 3rd piercing done, just on one side. It all happened rather quickly; one minute I was having breakfast with a friend the next minute she'd talked me into the piercer's chair (his name is Kevin and he's amazing, as an added point). I'd long pined for a Maria Tash stud, and now being the proud owner of a piercing and a moon-stud from her, I can wholeheartedly say she is much better than the experience I had at Claire's Accessories getting my other piercings done.

I absolutely love how the three piercings look together, so much so that I've bought a few new pairs of earrings to give my whole ear a bit of a treat. You know I've love Astley Clarke for a long time, so it was never going to be a huge surprise that some new studs would appear from them. I was staggered by how reasonably priced they were as well!

outfit links = sweater / jeans / trainers / bag / moon earring / gold and blue earrings / sun earrings

Anyway, thats it from me this Sunday. Time for some digital down-time and most likely some gin. Happy Sunday.


Unknown said...

love this cute casual look! Thank you for your sweet comment :)

love, Britt+Whit

Unknown said...

Girl I LOVE this outfit - the jumper is so nice and goes perfectly with the red trainers! Also how dreamy is the Soho Disco?! It's such a good size and I've used mine so much - bloody love it!

Hayley xo

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