Club Petanque Sweater

Oh HOLA Sundays! It feels like you've been a long time in coming! Here's me doing what I do best; sitting on steps on Sundays whilst waiting for a free space at the pub up the road, looking ever so slightly lost and wearing my comfiest clothes. I thought I'd share my weekend habits that I've found brilliant in getting me back up and running for Monday mornings...

One thing is very important on Sundays; no work. Absolutely none. Admittedly in the winter this gets harder if you're a blogger because the shorter days in winter take away the chance to shoot photography before or after work, but as much as you possibly can give yourself a break. Yes, that includes Instagramming - if you really have to there is an app that will actually post (rather than schedule) posts for you called Onlypult. Probably handy for anyone working on a brand too, as ironically Sundays are the best days for engagement.

On that, I used to be one of those people who thought receiving and sending late night emails was a sign of someone's commitment to the cause. However, I recently went to a seminar where this lady explained she wouldn't ever do business with someone who did that, as it means either means they have taken on too much and don't know how too delegate, or that they are just simply disorganised. So, I've stopped doing it. You won't hear from me on weekends now, unless my life depends on it.


Finery Polka Dot Skirt

I think it's pretty obvious that I'm more than a little bit happy about this skirt. I saw in months ago at a press day and I knew I had to have it. I shot this look a few weeks ago with Claire, and I'm still wearing it constantly. Midi skirt aren't always my friend as I always end feeling like it highlights my tummy, and to be honest I have the same thing with pleated skirts (you know when you get that ridge at the top of your mum, and the pleats seem wider - yeah that) but there is something about this one, and Finery's ability to tailor to perfection that means I can wear shapes I'd usually disregard.

outfit links = skirt (exclusive to John Lewis) / t-shirt / trainers / bag / sunglasses

It's swishy, it's kind of the right mix of super girly and boy like (navy and white doesn't scream princess) and also its office acceptable. I know this for certain because I wore it last week to a very big meeting with a shirt and some heels and the very important lady I met asked me where it was fro. Which is the unsung code for "you wore the right thing, and you fit in here." Or so I hope.

outfit links = skirt (exclusive to John Lewis) / t-shirt / trainers / bag / sunglasses

This whole outfit makes me happy, every last bit. My bag hasn't had that much of an outing recently because the pesky Soho replaced it - but wearing it for shoots like this remind me how much I love it - and how glad I am purchased it. The colour is sold out in pretty much every place now, but I found a link to it below. Oh, and I totally love the blue colour because it goes with everything.
product links = bag / polka dot skirt / white shirt / stripe shirt / sunglasses / sneakers


My Weird Weather Uniform

Anyone else feeling beyond tired and wee bit apathetic to dressing yourself? Seriously, if I could like in my comfies right now I would be. I feel very sorry for my neighbours who have had to witness my outfit concoctions for dog walking. What can I say it's been, creative? Any way for days where I was been forced to leave the security of my sofa and scented candles I've pretty much always looked something like this...

outfit links = blazer / jeans / shoes / bag / tee

I'm not exactly reinventing the wheel when I say I live in blazers, tees and flats, but I've recently found a few new pieces I thought I'd share. Plus, lots of you have been asking from my Instagram whether I think new places like Weekday are worth so I thought I'd do a proper little piece on it. Here we go...


Coat Weather With Hobbs

Autumn is well and truly here! Yes, we might be having a fluke weekend of twenty-odd degrees but make no mistake; it's time to pack away the shorts and get the woolly stuff out. A few months ago I met up with the Hobbs London team. It was a scorching hot day and I remember thinking the idea of shooting a winter coat edit was the last thing I could imagine doing! But here we are in October already, and here I am showing you my favourite pieces from Hobbs AW17, in my local area, Hampstead - where Hobbs was first established. 

outfit links = coat / jeans / boots 

Coats are pretty much the most important thing in an autumn or winter wardrobe. When I was younger I'd just buy one cheaply on the high street and wouldn't think to check anything other than the price. These days it's the opposite; like a woman possessed I look for the label immediately and if it's not a decent wool I won't buy it. Which is how (and why) Hobbs coats came into my life - I bought a navy pea coat from them 6 years ago that still looks as good today as it did the day I bought it.


The Perfect Autumn Maxi Dress

outfit links = dress / shoes / sunglasses / bag / blue stone ring / open oval ring / choker

I like autumn. No, I love autumn. Trouble is I never really know how to dress. With the British weather being pretty much impossible you never know whether or not to wear a jumper, a coat, snow boots... The list goes on. I'm finding it's taking me about a quarter of an hour longer than normal to get ready and often once I've had a coffee I'll look down at myself and think "what the hell am I wearing?" as my early-morning-zombie outfit decision just don't make any sense...



And Other Stories Velvet Pants

Last year I really regretted not buying a pair of amazing pyjama style printed trousers. I just didn't have the balls to leave the house in them even though I pined over them for weeks(and pinned them to death on Pinterest, obviously). The pair in particular flew off the shelves, bought by those more confident than me, and by the time I'd gathered the guts they'd sold out. This year I was not making the same mistake.

outfit links = blazer / trousers / bag / tee / sunglasses / shoes (on sale)

This pair appeared on And Other Stories' newsletter and I just thought "I'm going in." I eagerly awaited their arrival and paraded around the flat like a mad woman when I tried them on. I really expected the boyfriend to hate them as they're what I would call "man repeller" but he actually loves them and wants me to get a matching jacket (there isn't one sadly, but there is a silk shirt I'm considering here).
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