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outfit links = dress also in raspberry here / velvet shoes version with a heel here / necklace

I took advantage of a sunny afternoon and put on my new dress from And Other Stories last week. The weather doesn't really know what it's doing at the moment so I am stocking up on pieces that'll carry me over to autumn. Dresses like this can be worn with a white shirt underneath (or I'm on the hunt for a forest green roll neck if anyone knows of one) when it gets cooler so I really didn't mind spending on it - find it here.

dress / in raspberry here / velvet shoes / version with a heel here / necklace

I love the little tie up details as it allows me to get the fit just right; I often fit strangely in dresses as I have a bigger bust than you'd expect from my waist size, and I'm short which only adds to the problems. Also I feel it's important to let you know it has pockets, because thats a life essential feature of any decent garment these days.

outfit links = dress also in raspberry here / velvet shoes version with a heel here / necklace

I'm hoping you can see from the pictures that it's blue and white striped, which perhaps explained why I was so quick to buy it. And Other Stories are one of few stores that I get the emails from (newsletters drive me crazy) and every week without fail I end up cooing over something from them, below are a few things I'm currently eyeing up.

outfit links = dress also in raspberry here / velvet shoes version with a heel here / necklace

If you haven't shopped with them before, think of them as a combination of COS and Anthropologie. Scandi designed, with a bit of a hippie vibe at times. Prices are really good, they've gone up a little recently but the quality hasn't decreased which it feels like it has with all of their competitors. As a tip, their footwear in particular is great as it's designed by the old Acne team. 

I swear by their silk shirts (exactly the same fit as Equipment, I've got both and have put them together and can't tell the difference) and they're also really, really good at the whole boho maxi dress thing, like this one. Ooh and don't rule them out for workwear because their tailoring is good. I've got my eye on this matching pinstripe skirt and blazer.

outfit links = dress also in raspberry here / velvet shoes version with a heel here / necklace

Also need to give a big shout out to L.K.Bennett who gave me these flats. I had wanted them ever since their press day and knew they'd be the perfect fit. As someone with little (size 3.5), sore-easily feet I have to say that these are a little bit brilliant. I can wear them all day long and they haven't rubbed at all - not even on day 1! I've sprayed the velvet with normal "care spray" I got from my local dry cleaner and when they got all wet they dried like new! If you're not so keen on flats then we can't be friends they do them with a 2.5 inch heel, here.

outfit links = dress also in raspberry here / velvet shoes version with a heel here / necklace

Photos taken on the Olympus Pen 7 here using the 25mm lens here

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