Going Dotty

Well, somehow we're halfway into September. I knew it was going to be a testing month as so much was in the diary, but I didn't really take into account how much it would tire me out. Writing this post (and finding the momentum to) will take me much, much longer than usual. 

outfit links (click to shop) = dress / trainers / bag

Claire shot these pictures of me whilst we were on our trip to Soho Farmhouse last week with Mint Velvet. I'd never stayed there before, having only gone up for the day. I had huge guilt leaving the office for 48 hours, but I decided I had to take the opportunity to have some "me" time which was exactly what Mint Velvet had geared the trip around. Think feasts for dinners, log fires, tea making session and yoga. Not to mention their new Hygge range which is filled with everything you want for the colder months ahead.

outfit links (click to shop) = dress / trainers / bag

As I said, this month has been busy. I've been wearing anything I can throw on in two seconds and look respectable. Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have noticed polka dots are a thing at the moment and I'd seen loads and loads of pretty dresses in the print. However, shops often pair polka dots with girly style dress shapes which just aren't my cup of tea. When I spied this one on ASOS I knew it had to be mine.

outfit links (click to shop) = dress / trainers / bag

I'd wanted this one from Topshop for ages, but I spotted a girl in the office with it and can't risk the double up... As for my new ASOS one; it's inexpensive, it's easy wear and the fabric is pretty soft and isn't that "sticky" fabric that clings to every lump and bump like some maxi dresses can. I just through on my trainers and I'm ready to go. Excuse the dishevelled hair, but I forgot my hair curlers so this is very much a "I woke up like this" look.

Can't recommend the dress enough, find it here or find similars below.

links to products = 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th

PS - I have started a little YouTube channel for my weekly musings and beauty stuff. Check it out and subscribe if you like it, here.


Rhiannon said...

Hi Anna,

Am enjoying the polka dot prints! Hope you don't mind me asking, but you had an insta story a while back wearing a bright blue polka dot top/dress - where was this one from? It's been on my wish list for a while!

Thanks v much!


Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Hey Rhiannon, it's from Topshop and listed on the Shop page of my blog.

Rhiannon said...

Thanks v much - have ordered!

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