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Just when the weather looks set for autumn and I start to post more "wintery" things, we have an absolute cracker of a long weekend! Seriously, I've just come back from a day on Hampstead Heath reading magazines, listening to podcasts and conjuring up projections for tonight's Game of Thrones (Little Finger's time must be up and I reckon a Cersei/Jaime split, no?). 

One "look" (I hate that word, but hey it works) you can't ignore is the whole red/white floral thing. I first caught on to it with this steal of a Boohoo shirt - my first item from the label - a few months ago and was staggered at the comments I got. Everyone loves it (which is good as ASOS have restocked it here). So when Finery (don't know Finery? Get to know Finery - and quickly - here) released their take on the trend, it was an immediate purchase.

This is one of my "trying to be smarter" outfits. The trousers (linked below the pictures) are from Iris and Ink, a brand I really think you'll like if you have the same wardrobe goals as me. They're very good at basics without blowing the budget. These trousers are great because they're a style I didn't think I'd go for. I thought flared trousers would make me look shorter and rounder, but actually they'd the opposite - balancing out my thighs and giving me a really good shape I felt almost happy with!

Iris and Ink is The OutNet's own brand and have been going a while now, although it's taken a few seasons for them to really find their way. This season is impeccable, there are about 25 things on my wish list. I can vouch for their footwear, outerwear and cashmere as I own pieces from years ago that are still going strong, even with my awful reputation with the washing machine instructions. View the collection here.


Finery aren't the only ones to have a stab at the floral stuff; Reiss have a lovely print they've made into a top here and a dress hereFinery's one comes in a dress too, which I'm going to order having seen a friend in it yesterday, here. Topshop have made a red/white version of that top (the one everyone bought this year and if you haven't yet you need to because they're really flattering), find it here. Finally if you aren't crazily into florals but like the colour combination this shirt could be really good for you, and for £24 you may as well find out...

Ooh and before I go I want to mention my hair. I've been going to Sassoon Salons for years, Abi in their South Molton Street store does my colour and Francesca cuts it. I wanted to go shorter but have to tell you, whoever says it's easier is a liar. Yes it's half the drying time but if you're like me and toss and turn at night you do need to devote a little more time to styling it in the mornings - which can be annoying. So far salt spray (Bumble and Bumble's one here is great) and I now swear by putting mousse in my hair as soon as I'm out of the shower. 

Oh and seriously, if you can stretch to it, invest in shampoos and conditioners because it does make a different especially to colour treated hair. I forgot my shampoo and conditioner when I went away last week and used what was available; my hair has definitely lost a bit of colour due to it. I love Sassoon's own stuff, but also love Living Proof which you can get at Marks and Spencer, here.

Photos taken on the Olympus Pen 7 here using the 25mm lens here

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