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shirt, ASOS (similar here and here) / trousers, Jigsaw (similar in navy here) / shoes, Chloe / bag, Zara

I've been trying to make a bit of an effort to "dress up" for work. It's easy when you work from home to live in jeans and Converses, but now things have progressed a bit (yay) and I'm in the City most of the time I felt really out of place and a bit scrappy. It's been the reverse of the challenge I had when  started the blog - when I worked in town and had no idea what to wear outside of the office... Lots of you on my Instagram have been asking for workwear advice, so I'm going to try and make time for some snaps during the week so I can share what I've found. 

shirt, ASOS (similar here and here) / trousers, Jigsaw (similar in navy here) / shoes, Chloe / bag, Zara

What I'm trying to figure out is how I can keep my own style in the office. I feel lost in most suits and I refuse to bulk buy in TM Lewin just to fit in. I'm shopping in the same places I always do, I'm just looking more for tailored pieces. I live in oversize shirts so when I stumbled upon this one from ASOS a few months ago (similar here). And Other Stories is very good for stuff like this too; especially the ruffled shirting - have a look at their stuff here, and do check out this top because it's firmly on my wishlist.

I've found stores like Finery really handy; they do classics with a noticeable twist which is something I really didn't want to give up just because I'm in a more corporate environment. This white shirt is very cool, as is this rose print top (which I've already bought and plan to wear with navy cropped trousers and simple heels. Equally don't rule out places like Topshop as they do have well cut shirting if you look hard enough, and it's cheap as chips (and always tumble dry-able).

Equally, The Outnet's own brand Iris and Ink (you'll be seeing a lot of their stuff on Instagram soon as I've just done a huge order) is fantastic. This blouse is very similar to the one I'm wearing here.

shirt, ASOS (similar here and here) / trousers, Jigsaw (similar in navy here) / shoes, Chloe / bag, Zara

Trousers are hard, really hard. I don't like wearing them and I miss my jeans big time. However, I've found some good ones in a few surprising places. As an example, Jigsaw has really, really good black trousers. These ones are from there. They're really comfortable, smart but stretchy and soft - and if you need a matching jacket most of theirs have them too. Check out their offering here

As other trouser options I've found myself looking at places I thought would be a bit, stuffy. Karen Millen (a store I've ignored for years) have some amazing options - in fact this pair of navy trousers are great, I tried them on in store last week. Also, I'd written off Reiss and L.K.Bennett (particularly love these elasticated ankle ones, excellent for rainy days) for options that remained true to my "rough and ready" style but actually what I've found is if you get the basics right you can play with the details and still look like you.

shirt, ASOS (similar here and here) / trousers, Jigsaw (similar in navy here) / shoes, Chloe / bag, Zara

For me "looking myself" is about adding some colour. I bought this bag at Zara at the weekend. It's not totally practical work wise but it's good for lunch runs and makes me smile. My shoes are from Chloe and were part of a project last year, I bought two strikingly similar pairs in the Mango sale for less than £20 though. I'm all for buying brightly coloured things, they make me treasure them a bit more, odd I know. The black pair are available on The Outnet (as you can tell, I've been stalking this site recently), here.

shirt, ASOS (similar here and here) / trousers, Jigsaw (similar in navy here) / shoes, Chloe / bag, Zara

I've also taken to big earrings, the ones I'm wearing are again from Zara. They're really fun, allow me to add some detailing and some character. I refuse to look like every other suited and booted person in the space, but I don't wan't to crazily stand out either. I'm not making a statement or trying to protest, just trying to be me! I'll do a fuller post on where I'm finding them all, but for now Zara, Kenneth Jay Lane and Rosie Fortescue are proving to be excellent haunts.

shirt, ASOS (similar here and here) / trousers, Jigsaw (similar in navy here) / shoes, Chloe / bag, Zara

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my working week, lets hope this weather picks up so I can show you some of my work summer dresses!

Photos taken on the Olympus Pen 7 here using the 25mm lens here

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