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Apologies for the mini blogging hiatus but things have been a little busy with the day job (if any of you want to see what I do, find the website here). I was planning on posting a pretty exciting collaboration but the images still need approval so in the mean time here is me wearing a look I live in during the current weird hot/cold weather in the UK.

jumpsuit, Whistles (print as a pair of trousers here and shirt here) / trainers, The White Company / bag, Celine at Vestiaire

Ask any of my friend IRL and they'll tell you I love a jumpsuit. Or anything that makes me look a bit like Andy Pandy. It comes down to laziness; a jumpsuit is one item of clothing and you can just chuck it on and you're ready to go. Printed ones are great too as they create the illusion that you made an effort. Ooh, and you can wear them with trainers like I have for this outfit and then throw some heels on and suddenly you're ready for rosé. 

I found this one at the Whistles sample sale. I tried to avoid going because I knew it would be dangerous, and I wasn't wrong. I went with a list of things I'd had my eye on for a while, picking up some absolute bargains (including this leather jack for £90). But my favourite find was this jumpsuit. I'd seen the print before but never as a romper (the American word, it sounds like someone you should avoid on a dating app!). Despite finding some things I'd wanted for years, this was the piece I was most excited to try on when I got home.

I've hunted high and low on the inter-web and can't find the jumpsuit itself anywhere, however I have found the print in a shirt in the sale (which I would definitely have bought had I known about it) here, and a pair of pyjama style trousers, here.

jumpsuit, Whistles (print as a pair of trousers here and shirt here) / trainers, The White Company / bag, Celine at Vestiaire

Before I show you the alternative jumpsuits I've found I wanted to give a moment to Whistles. When I first started the blog it was one of my favourite stores, in fact I did the majority of my shopping there. When the new Creative Director came on board (from Topshop) the first few collections were amazing, but then it got a bit pricey and I also felt like it had gone a bit too hipster for me. All of a sudden dresses were £400 and they fabrics just didn't justify the price. Anyway, leaving my rant to one side, I popped into the store in Hampstead the other day as I was killing time and couldn't believe the difference - I want everything from there at the moment!

Fabrics are very good quality so it's never going to be cheap, but prices have come down to levels that make sense. Their trend analysis is amazing as they've captured the whole boho-chic thing perfectly. If like me you need quality pieces that can work in a million different scenarios do have a look at them. If you haven't shopped with them before I'm my usual size there, sometimes the trousers come up a little long but remember I'm a short a*se so they'd fit a normal height person perfectly. Below is a selection of stuff I like (with a special mention to this Marant-like jacket which at less than £200 really is a bit special).

Overall they've gone for easy-peasy dressing in solid fabrics with a few "designer" touches that make pieces stand out from the high street. This off shoulder dress could be worn with wedges and a denim jacket for a summer afternoon outfit, but equally could be dressed up for a more official event.  If you're looking for that beach-side chic then this shirt (and the others above) will do the trick. They've also nailed their holiday section with swimsuits like this and raffia bags like this.

Like other brands they've also taken some light inspiration from Self Portrait and have made some gorgeous embroidered/structured pieces like this red dress, and then this floral maxi with cut outs is gorgeous. Finally, it wouldn't be Whistles without a slogan sweater and this Vacation one is fantastic!

jumpsuit, Whistles (print as a pair of trousers here and shirt here) / trainers, The White Company / bag, Celine at Vestiaire

Right, now onto jumpsuits. When they first started popping up a few years ago I was convinced they weren't for me. I can have quite an awkward shape at times so thought I'd struggle with sizing. Then last year I got a Zimmermann one and realised it was all about the cut. Since then I've acquired a lot of them, they're my Achilles heel because I get so much wear out of them. Here are a few of my current favourites available now.

If you've never bought one before I'd recommend testing out the shape with a cheaper, high street version. ASOS is great for it, especially as they stock brands like Missguided and Boohoo who do very reasonable jersey fabrics ones. This one is an excellent start, for £22. I'd also really recommend Mango who have made some gorgeous ones this season for around the £30, like this one.

jumpsuit, Whistles (print as a pair of trousers here and shirt here) / trainers, The White Company / bag, Celine at Vestiaire

Other stuff in this look includes my trainers here from The White Company. I used to be such a label snob when it came to sportswear but I got these for a collaboration with the brand last month and have lived in them ever since! They're clearly really good as they've virtually sold out but if you can get your mitts on a pair then do, I have awkward little hooves and they like these a lot.

The bag as you probably know already is from Vestiaire. I had incredible night-sweats over buying this as I've only just bought the little Gucci one (which is also blue, eek) but I've been glued to this one ever since it arrived. I didn't realise there were two sizes of the Trio (I also have the smaller one in bright green, oops) but this one is slightly larger and the leather is really well treated so won't scratch badly. I'd never seen the colour before either but having worked at Vestiaire I knew it would never get through the authentication system unless it was real so wasn't worried. I can't believe the bargain, these go for over £1000 new and it was spotless! I've found another one here in case you're interested (and they now handily let you split the payment over three month which is equally dangerous and excellent).

I hope whatever you're up to this Sunday you have a lovely day; we're off to a friends BBQ praying for good weather (and Lopez is praying some steak falls on the floor). As ever, if you don't already you can keep up to date with my daily antics over on Instagram here.

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