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Followers of my Instagram (here, pretty please) will know that a couple of weeks ago Lizzie and I went to an event for Smartworks, a fantastic charity that helps get women ready for interviews and back into work. They do this through encouragement and advice, but also with the practical elements like providing them with something suitable to wear. It was an incredible evening, including having somebody who had benefitted from the charity talking about how much of a help it had been. She was so inspiring it was crazy!

One of the patrons for the charity is Samantha Cameron who also spoke at the event. As well as explaining her commitment and enthusiasm to the cause, her new clothing collection Cefinn was showcased for all to see after the talk. I'd already heard of it through an article in one of the Sunday papers, but Sam further explained that the point of the collection was an accessible, smart, quality range of clothing suitable for work and play.

We spent a long time going through the rails and admiring all the pieces, and I Instagrammed my love for one of the dresses. A couple of days later I came home to a beautifully wrapped package, inside being this dress. I know we bloggers get spoilt for gifts, but this was something a bit more special. I've admired Samantha for a very long time and am so thrilled she's taken this direction.

The dress is everything you'd want from a... erm... white dress! I love the sports-bomber style collar, the fit is gorgeously fitted without feeling I have to skip dessert. I was a bit worried the collection would be too long for me, as at 5 foot 5 designer pieces often don't work for me but it's great! The fabric is gorgeous too. Furthermore, I wore it with my Seven Boot Lane espadrilles and my J Crew denim jacket for the purpose of this shoot but paired it up with a pair of heels and my coat for a more formal outfit. I guess what I'm saying is it's an incredibly versatile thing to own.

If you want to discover more about Cefinn I've taken the liberty of creating my own wish list doing an edit for you all. It's like they've taken all the things I've liked from designer collections (and not been able to afford) and put it into a far more reasonable range. Granted they are the type of thing you can buy ten of, but a couple of pieces in your wardrobe would keep you going season after season (helped by the fact the quality is fantastic). They're partly stocked on Net A Porter here and the entire collection is on their own site here


Their show stopping piece (and pretty much sold out, trust me I've tried) is this black dress and I'm not surprised. Girls of all shapes and sizes had it on at the event and it looked amazing on every, single one of them. Other popular items include the red jacket with matching trousers and their peplum black top (I challenge anyone not to look good in it). I've also got this cropped shirt from them, which will feature in a later post. 

In summary it's just lovely to see a new British brand coming together with such a well thought out collection. There does seem to be a bit of a "movement" at the moment for women, and clothes like this will help us make our case much better in my humble opinion. They're "take me seriously not sexily" clothes and I love them.

Photography, Amelia Allen here.

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