Reiss Leather-Edged Jacket

This week feels very sad in the UK as we come to terms with news of a terrorist attack in Manchester. How somebody can comprehend the mere idea of harming children is just so far beyond me, or anyone of sane mind... Part of me feels completely ridiculous talking to you about clothes, but the other side of me feels that the aftermath is part of what this awful person wanted and by pausing our everyday we're letting them win. So I thought today rather than the usual top-to-toe-stare-with-a-considered-tone-into-the-air pictures, I'd try and be a little more... Well, this would be considered an outtake:

Before I start, I'd just like to say that as terrible as the events of last night were it's reassuring to see all Britons come together with such force and love. We're at a strange point in our countries' history with an incredibly unstable political set-up and an unclear economic future. Thats without considering the (now ever more obvious) problems around religious extremism, or the horrors going on outside of our borders. 

I was already struggling to decide my own identity as I find myself torn over so many subjects whilst deciding how to cast my vote but one thing has become clear to me - when we need to, and I mean really need to, we become one. I'm proud to be British.



Daily Walk With A Difference

Here's something a little bit different from the usual fashion posts! James Wellbeloved was a new brand to our house and it couldn't have been better timing as this post will explain. We all know who the real star of the show is don't we? My little man gets more fan mail (by that I mean Instagram likes) than any outfit, no matter how hard I try.  Lopez Houdini Hart has been my "constant" for nearly six years now, and I love him more than words. He has such a distinct personality; he's a cheeky, boisterous, stubborn little love-bundle. He likes cuddles and attention, but also really likes his daily walks.

As much as having him has been the best decision of my life, sometimes having, or being, a dog in London is a bit tough. We're in Hampstead which as London boroughs go is quite leafy but we'd got into the boring habit of sticking to the same route (past all the smelly "other-dog" corners and a waste bin with a certain je ne sais quoi as Lopez will tell you). Walks on grubby pavements just aren't what either of us want for, so when James Wellbeloved challenged the pair of us to "reconnect with nature" we were pawing at the front door! 


Other Stories Floral Bomber

How I'd missed Croatia off my travel list until two years ago I'll never understand. I first visited the country, and Dubrovnik, two years ago for a short break and fell in love with everything it has to offer. If you like laid-back, paired-back European breaks look no further - this place has all of the very best features of France, Spain, Italy and Greece without hefty price tag. When Sun Gardens  asked us to come check out their hotel, having recently joined the Leading Hotels Of The World it really didn't take much to get me on a plane...

Located a simple 20 minute drive from Dubrovnik old town, Sun Gardens is the perfect "fly and flop" destination. If like us you just need to recharge your batteries and get some sunshine, this is the place to do it. From it's beautiful rooms (with enormous bath tubs and coastal views) right through the an incredible spa (we're talking six types of sauna...) and fitness suite - it really is quite something. As it's so big with so many options for places to eat (that don't feel one ounce "resorty") you really don't need to venture far until you can't resist the beautiful city; we didn't leave the complex for the first two days. Oh, and the breakfasts need a special mention because they're absolutely amazing



Finery Floral Culottes

You'll have to have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of Finery, at least if you work in anything close to the fashion industry. The brand stormed onto the scene just over two years ago with a clear purpose: to dress women well in good staples with a twist, for a high street price. I think they've done that very, very well.

Cefinn Belted Dress

Followers of my Instagram (here, pretty please) will know that a couple of weeks ago Lizzie and I went to an event for Smartworks, a fantastic charity that helps get women ready for interviews and back into work. They do this through encouragement and advice, but also with the practical elements like providing them with something suitable to wear. It was an incredible evening, including having somebody who had benefitted from the charity talking about how much of a help it had been. She was so inspiring it was crazy!

One of the patrons for the charity is Samantha Cameron who also spoke at the event. As well as explaining her commitment and enthusiasm to the cause, her new clothing collection Cefinn was showcased for all to see after the talk. I'd already heard of it through an article in one of the Sunday papers, but Sam further explained that the point of the collection was an accessible, smart, quality range of clothing suitable for work and play.


Great Stripes Plains

Followers of my Instagram will know that we escaped to Croatia last week for a little holiday. The agenda was simple; rest and relaxation. We're the type of couple who don't really want to talk to anyone for the first couple of days of a holiday, but once we're 3/4 of the way through a book we need something to do/see/experience. Having been before I picked out Dubrovnik as the perfect location for us. A very easy (and cheap) flight from London. It's got all the beauty and calm of the Croatian coast paired with the brilliant, lively, unspoilt Old Town. Oh and it's also the dream for a Game Of Thrones enthusiast...


Star Print Jumpsuit

Apologies for the mini blogging hiatus but things have been a little busy with the day job (if any of you want to see what I do, find the website here). I was planning on posting a pretty exciting collaboration but the images still need approval so in the mean time here is me wearing a look I live in during the current weird hot/cold weather in the UK.

jumpsuit, Whistles (print as a pair of trousers here and shirt here) / trainers, The White Company / bag, Celine at Vestiaire

Ask any of my friend IRL and they'll tell you I love a jumpsuit. Or anything that makes me look a bit like Andy Pandy. It comes down to laziness; a jumpsuit is one item of clothing and you can just chuck it on and you're ready to go. Printed ones are great too as they create the illusion that you made an effort. Ooh, and you can wear them with trainers like I have for this outfit and then throw some heels on and suddenly you're ready for rosé. 

I found this one at the Whistles sample sale. I tried to avoid going because I knew it would be dangerous, and I wasn't wrong. I went with a list of things I'd had my eye on for a while, picking up some absolute bargains (including this leather jack for £90). But my favourite find was this jumpsuit. I'd seen the print before but never as a romper (the American word, it sounds like someone you should avoid on a dating app!). Despite finding some things I'd wanted for years, this was the piece I was most excited to try on when I got home.

I've hunted high and low on the inter-web and can't find the jumpsuit itself anywhere, however I have found the print in a shirt in the sale (which I would definitely have bought had I known about it) here, and a pair of pyjama style trousers, here.
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