Needle and Thread Floral Dress

Monday was a beautiful day so I dragged Emma to Hampstead to get her to help shoot some outfits for me. It was so much fun shooting with a (unbelievably patient) mate, and I feel so much better having shot a lot of looks as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with holding down two roles - I am trying very hard to steer the blog back to being the out of hours activity, but it's really hard when I love it so much. 

I had a blogging hiatus for a fortnight and really missed it. As I've said before the blog will slow down a little this year as the agency grows and needs my time, but I really enjoy not being bound to it and having the freedom to blog how and when I like. I'm also really conscious that it's the blog that gave me the opportunity to start One Roof, so it's a bit of a juggling act. The next few months have quite a few cool projects coming up so the balancing will be continuing - including a couple with Lopez that I am so, so excited about (and pleased he's finally contributing towards rent).

I really wanted to show you lot this dress because so many of you commented on my previous post (here) about loving Needle and Thread's collections but that you wouldn't spend £300+ on a brand you've not worn before. Their latest collection (in full here) has loads of options at a cheaper price point and I love the direction they're going in with their laid back boho vibes. Essentially, they've gone into daywear rather than dresses to wear on a night out or special event.

I've selected my favourite pieces above (you'll need your ad blocked disabled to be able to view the carousel, but if you don't fancy that I've added links underneath) but it was a really hard choice. I've also shot this blue topyou'll see it on the blog in a couple of weeks. I'm really tempted to buy this one too as I'm thinking the richer colours make it easy to wear all year round (imagine with a tight fitting roll neck underneath...). Lastly can we take a moment to appreciate the denim bomber jacket here?! I just need it.

This type of dress is so easy to wear, I just threw it on! Pair them with simple sliders (more on mine below) and add a belt in the middle if you like. Loose curls are great if you're hair allows it; essentially you're just going for that "I woke up like this" look. Similar styles are everywhere but the best alternatives I've found are from ASOS (this one), Mango (they have tonnes as shown below but I think my favourite is this one) and Topshop (this one, but don't ignore the yellow mini version if you're going away, here).

My shoes are from River Island and I'm just as surprised about it as you probably are. I haven't shopped in RI for a long time - the odd bit here and there but never footwear. Not since I was about 16 and got one of my first pairs of heels from there (absolutely treasured them, in truth they were awful white stilettos). I went into their Style Lounge in their Oxford Street store last week and was so pleased with what I found, which will all surface on the blog over the next few weeks. These sliders are from their limited edition collection and are such good quality! For £50 I think they're brilliant!

Other details include my green Celine trio which I haven't used for a while due to the purchases of Blue and Gigi (Instagram followers - here - will know what I'm talking about). I bought this from Bicester Village last year after an epic hunt. They're so insanely expensive I was determined to find a bargain and this was about half price. You can find them for similar on Vestiaire Collective but they go incredibly quickly (helpfully you can sign up to text and email alerts) so I'd imagine even this one will have gone by the time I post... But, it's the thrill of the chase no?

Last but not least the sunglasses - they were Em's not mine but I immediately bought some and they're on their way. They're from Ray-Ban at ASOS here and are the first non-aviator pair I've ever worn and liked. They'll go with everything, Emma was wearing them with a much smarter outfit and they looked brilliant. All in all, I firmly recommend (ooh and Rayban's are usefully now made of titanium meaning they are near on impossible to break or bend). Thats all for now but hopefully (day job prevailing) you'll see some lovely new content on here in the coming weeks. Happy April all!

Photos taken using the Olympus PL7 at John Lewis here.

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Olivia DiTomaso said...

Such a beautiful dress. Love the off the shoulder look!


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