Little Cotswolds Cottage with Joules

Sometimes living in London can get a bit much no matter what you do 9 to 5. A couple of weekends ago myself and three friends (all with phenomenally different careers; one City professional, one journalist and one stable manager) were all very ready to get out of town. We'd heard about Little Cotswolds Cottage through Instagram and by chance picked the hottest weekend in the UK so far! Needless to say we were more than ready for a weekend of peace, quiet and Prosecco!

shoes, Joules (available in several colours)

The cottage was everything we hoped it would be, and more! Beautifully renovated and felt like a home away from home. It has two bedrooms so was great for a little girls weekend. We caught up over our first Aperols of the year, but after busy weeks were all very excited to get into the fresh, white sheets upstairs (ooh and this bath in my room) ...

We got up bright and early (literally it was already 18 degrees at 10am). I can't explain how comfortable the bed was, and my morning was made even better by a cup of tea in my cozy jumper. It feels so incredibly naff saying so, but oh my god it's so soft. I don't know what it's made from (I never check so me and washing machine have a strong love/hate relationship) but whatever it is, it's amazing. My one is here, and it's available in the reverse colour way here. For under £40 I think it's brilliant...

Thought I'd take a quick snap of my beauty stuff as I feel like I've finally nailed life when it comes my "before bed" routine with these bits. I deliberately alternate between these are a few others every few weeks as a beautician once told me that if you wear the same thing constantly the effects wear off. These are things I use for when I'm tired and a bit rundown. Firstly (after washing/cleansing) I'll put some of The Ordinary Niacinamide serum on any of my trouble-spots, particularly around my chin and forehead. It actively reduces redness and spots - and really does. May I add it costs £5... Find it here.

Let that sink in, and then I'll use some Origins Plantscription serum across my whole face other than the eye area. It does all the stuff 32 year old skin needs; fine line reduction as well as making my skin look fresh. For eyes I use two things; Liz Earle cream for anti ageing across the whole eye area (have seen a remarkable difference since I've started using it) and Darphin's new eye gel here for underneath my eyes.I'm incredibly prone to puffiness especially when I've been burning the candle at both ends, but my skin is still dehydrated - this is the only gel I've found that can cope with both problems. Between them these products do a brilliant job.

Back to the weekend, and the clothes! If you haven't caught on yet, I've paired up with Joules for this post. They've got some really cool footwear ranges for this season including the Natural World plimsolls (great for running around town) and the "summer slippers" Walk Moses range which are supposed to be beach shoes but I can see myself living in them for the months on end... (ooh and they've also given me a 20% off code, HART20, until the 1st of June!)

The house was so cozy it was hard to leave! It had everything from the rolling baths and hot waterfall showers, to a very well stocked sweet station and fully equipped kitchen. We went off to Soho Farmhouse for the day and having stayed there before, the price comparison is incredible. For a third of the price, we had the same toiletries (hello Cowshed smellies), bigger and fluffier bath robes and well... A whole house.

Before we head home as it was such a nice day we thought we should have a stroll around, and what a day for it! The Cotswolds are just lovely in every direction whether you're in one of the villages or roaming around the fields. When we found a suitably Instagram worthy corn field I couldn't not stop to take some pictures of my outfit... 

For weekends like this it's all about easy, throw on basics that you can mix and match during the trip. My green parka jacket has been worn non stop (you can see it on my Instagram Stories almost daily, here) and looks as great with smart jeans and heels as it does for stuff like this. It's soft and lightweight too. In other words it's just a pleasure to wear. I picked out the shorts for their colour as I wear a lot of neutrals that light blue matches really well with. I really like the fit; they're quite slimming considering they're a utility style. Joules have them in a lot of different colours, here

I really can't recommend replicating our little break enough. It goes to show how wonderful the world of Instagram can be,what a find! You can find full details of the house on their website here, or follow them here. Treat yourself!

This post was written in collaboration with Joules Clothing. Photos taken using the Olympus PL7 at John Lewis here.

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