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Followers of my Instagram will know I've spent a large chunk of the Easter weekend indoors working  (quite a bit of it on this very post). Running your own thing, whether it's a a freelance workload or your own business is hard going and it's very important to appreciate the simple pleasures of the every day. So when The White Company got in touch and asked me to get involved in their Celebrate the Everyday campaign it seemed very fitting.

I thought it was fitting to get my little ball of happiness involved. I've had Lopez for nearly six years and he's very much the calm in my storm. Whether it's being curled up on the sofa for a cuddle or bouncing down the street towards the park, nothing makes me happier than seeing him with that big silly (slightly wonky) grin on his little face. 

Dog walking in winter is a grim way to spend time no matter where in the world you get to walk around. Often the pooch hates it as much as the owner. Now that summer is here I find myself being much more excited about taking Lopez out. As soon as our clocks went back, and either end of the day got a little warmer I'm as excited to go out as he is! We're slightly spoilt for locations around NW3, but I'm making a special effort for both myself and the dog to discover the area more (helped by the surge of new places to grab a coffee, like Bunny Yawn as featured in the pictures).

Our walks are about half an hour long so once we've picked up a coffee and done our errands, Lopez loves seeing new people (and fusses they make of him). We'll often wander into shops to see who he can befriend... It's so nice to see him in his element, he's a complete flirt and will always find the prettiest girl in the room and refuse to leave her alone. I question where he's learnt that, but we'll save that for another story!

One of the most depressing things about this activity in winter are the endless layers you have to put on beforehand. I'm very happy to be ditching the coats and replacing them with simple tops and tees. I've only recently discovered The White Company clothing range (the full collection is here) and can honestly say I've been nothing but impressed). Their linen shirts are brilliant for my could-be-in-meetings-could-be-in-the-park routine, in fact straight after these photos were taken I was dashing on the tube to a meeting having changed my shoes to heels. My one is here and looks great with work pants as well as white/blue/black denim which leads me neatly on to...

My favourite things from The White Company's Clothing collection

silk linen top / blue linen shirt (like I'm wearing) / striped top / denim jacket / broderie anglaise top / black sliders

A discovery I've been telling anyone who will listen are these jeans. I'd never thought of going to The White Company for denim but I won't be making that mistake again! They're the most comfortable, durable, stretchy-but-structured pair I've ever had - and a really good price point. I took my usual size, just in case you're tempted to buy a pair. I'd also not have thought of the brand for trainers or footwear before this post, but mine are from there - and check out the rest of their offering here, it's really good!

I really loved putting this post together, not just because I got to get the dog involved but because it really got me thinking about what I can do to celebrate the everyday. Here are a few things I've decided to take on board:

1. The lighter mornings. Doesn't it lift your mood?! I've found myself to be so much enthusiastic about the day ahead, no matter how busy, now I can see around the bedroom without turning a light on. Even if your morning walk is just to and from the office, try and enjoy it at least once a week. Go to your favourite coffee place, get to the gym (your endorphins will thank you for it) or just get off a stop early if time allows for it...

2. Water. I am so guilty of not drinking enough of the stuff. I bought myself a drink dispenser (on sale at The White Company here funnily enough) which I try and finish every day. I appreciate this isn't possible for anyone who works in an office, but do try and get your 2 litres in a day. Without getting too deep and meaningful we're incredibly lucky to have access to so much of the stuff, and it's crazy so many of us don't make use of it.

3. The lighter evenings. I'm so much more enthused to do activities after work in the week now. We're right by the Heath so we've stocked up on our plastic plates and glasses (find the best, here) and are making a pact to make more of the Heath this summer. Last year Secret Cinema took over Kenwood House right by us, and we went... once! This year we're going once a month, Lopez and the Pimms can come too!

4. Hugs. Just do it. I'm not really the cuddly type (at least not with anyone other than Gus) but I've really learnt the positives of giving and receiving a hug at the right moment. If you're stressed, tired or a in anyway lonely (and by that I don't been friendless or single, but perhaps a little stuck with your own company as you've been working solidly, etc) just yourself a hug. It's good for the soul. 

5. Discover your home. As I said above, Gus and I managed to get to a really cool outdoor cinema 500 yards from our house once last year! I've just got myself a National Trust membership (I'm getting old) on a bid to get out and explore my area. We have places like Fenton House, Keats; House, Kenwood and Orwell's apartment right at our doorstep. Now we have 2/3 hours in the evening (they open late on Thursdays) there is no excuse not to go and find new things!

This post was written in collaboration with The White Company. All content, editorial angle and pictures my own. Photos by Sara.

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