Topshop Gingham Top

It seems like our prayers have been answered and finally Spring is here! More than anything I've been dying to get out some new pieces I've been storing up for warmer weather like this Topshop gingham shirt. The top has been all over Instagram, but I shot these images a couple of weeks ago and was saving them up. I'm very aware I quite recently posted about Toyshop's other failsafe gingham piece, the pencil skirt, here (for anyone who can't be bothered to read about it, see it straight on the Topshop site here)



What To Buy Your Mum On Mothers Day

This week was a special one for our family; my Mum's "big" birthday. I will spare telling you the exact number as I'm not sure she'd want me to (even though, as I'm sure you'll agree, she's looking pretty awesome right now) but regardless, it was cause for celebration. All six of us headed down to the Cotswolds for a weekend of rest, relaxation and intensive "Pit" playing (if you don't know the game it's excellently competitive... and none of us are exactly wall flowers).

outfit links: my top / mums top

One of the lovely things about blogging is when a brand comes to you with a project that is just so fitting. The White Company asked me to share what I planned to gift Mum for Mothers Day and as she'd most likely be getting something from the store regardless of the project - and it was her birthday - it seemed perfect! Mum's never been on the blog before but once we got Lopez in to liven up the scene she was fine (and very excited about her new top, here).


How To Visit Iceland For A Weekend

I've always wanted to go to Iceland, and it seems I'm not alone. I've had more questions and requests for recommendations in the last week than ever before so I thought I should get cracking on the post - particularly as I know a couple of you are heading there very soon. As a prerequisite can I just say that we were incredibly lucky in that not a single thing failed us. Everything from the car (decision to rent cheaply from Sadcars and not get a 4x4) to the weather (the whole place was covered in snow) worked in our favour... NB - there is a quick hit-list itinerary at the base of this post.

outfit details = coat, Parka London / boots, Monsoon (amazing find for cold weather, and in the sale!) / jeans, Topshop / scarf, The White Company / sunglasses, Jimmy Choo

We decided to go Sunday to Wednesday as the weekend flights were much more expensive. We arrived after the heaviest snow fall ever in a February so everything looked pretty, damn beautiful. It's a bit of a lottery going at this time of year, had we taken the weekend flights we'd have been stranded due to the weather so do bear this in mind! We flew in to Keflavik which is the equivalent of flying into London Luton, hopped in the car and arrived in Reykjavik. After a quick pizza and a beer our apartment...
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