Topshop Pink Floral Dress

I've decided to dress like Spring is already here. Dammit I'm done with cold weather. So, when Topshop got in touch and last me to style out my Valentines Day outfit (in truth, I'm expecting the day itself to be a PJs and pizza kind of affair) I instantly went for something bright and beautiful. Say hello to my new friend; the pink midi dress.

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It's very pink, it's very pretty and I'm more than a little bit happy with it. I did a little preview post on my Instagram here and lots of you said it was a bit of a Gucci dupe which hadn't occurred to me. Probably because right now everything on th high street is a bit of a copy of the Italian brand - the loafers, the logo tees, the prints and belts. Isn't that what we love about the high street? All hail the ability for us normal folk to get our hands on the look!

outfit details at the base of this post

In addition; prints are incredibly flattering. Partner that with the split midi length hem, the long arms and the open back = voila, the perfect dress for you to ease back into Spring. When I was leaving the house Gus asked "isn't pink and red a big fashion no-go?" - if it is I'm embracing it as after weeks and weeks of wearing blues and greys I felt positively electric in this... It's not very man-friendly, I apparently resemble a great aunt going to a Christening - but thats a look I'm 110% happy with...

outfit details at the base of this post

I paired it with my showstopper heels from L.K.Bennett (yes them again, are you getting the hint yet?) which were a Valentines Day gift from the brand. They're exactly the same shape as my classic Florets that I have in a million colours but have the extra little bow on. I've worn them a lot already, they look as super with my breton shirts and jeans as they do with dresses. Find them here.

outfit details at the base of this post

Finally the bag. It was a little treat to myself for getting through January (the toughest month I've ever had working for myself, when I had to make some pretty hard hitting decisions - ergh). I spent the day up at Bicester Village with Emma last week, and kind of knew I wanted a Saint Laurent. Longer term readers will know I take my time over these designer purchases and don't do it often - my Nevefull took me a year, and the Trio... Well lets just say I've deliberately kept it off the blog for a while in fear of deterring readers... When it comes to making a purchase like this I'll always go to Bicester first to see if it's there - you might as well get it for less! The Duffle bag is timeless (find it here full price or here discounted) so I'm really happy to have found it... We make a good team!

Outfit details (click link to browse/shop)

Photos taken using the Olympus PL7 at John Lewis here.


Kate Morey said...

This dress definitely suits you, especially with this shoes. You are a very good-looking girl! I am a blogger, as well. Here you can find my blog at handmadewritings
Thank you!

iwishicouldwink said...

Love this dress - pink and red together is deffo one of my favourite combos!

Faye x
i wish i could wink

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