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I've put off doing this post as I didn't really think I was wearing anything interesting or new (great start to a post Anna, well done). But then I realised this really is what I wear all the time, and by "all the time" I mean that I'll wear this as many days of the week I can get away this. These are collectively my best finds of 2017 so far...

full outfit details at the base of this post

Lets start with most obvious one; my Breton tee. I actually really wish I'd started my blog just wearing Bretons and then that had been my thing. Every outfit would have included one, it would have been much better than the blog I did create - and leaves far less margin for error. As I said in my birthday blog piece last week I own a lot of these. However, Joules sent me theirs for my birthday and the others have been left gathering dust ever since. They're just so good, the one I'm wearing is my favourite here - but they also kindly sent me a lovely green one here and one which is a sort of cream and gold here that looks amazing with my blue denim jeans.

full outfit details at the base of this post

The trousers... Do you need me to bang on about them any more? I'm very conscious that I've forced them upon you with a vengeance as they're now in 90% of my Instagrams... But they're just so easy to wear. I chuck them out with a shirt and heels for meetings, or run about town in them for looks like this. If you're as lazy as I am and you haven't already bought these, then please at the very least consider it. I say this before I even mention that they're half price for gods sake... Find them here, and more sizes here.

full outfit details at the base of this post

Last but not least, the trainers. I completely "followed the band" with these - I kept seeing them on some American bloggers I follow and knew I had to have them. Don't ask me why, but they're one of few trainer styles that are formal-meeting appropriate in our industry. I guess they are kind of smart... Although I was desperate for them I don't understand people who spend over £200 on trainers, no offence. I stalked Vestiaire for weeks, and I mean stalked. I set up alerts so I got text messages when new options went live. It took me a while but after committing to the cause and haggling hard, I got these for £95. They were in incredible condition, even came with new laces.

full outfit details at the base of this post

So, there we have possibly the cheekiest blog post yet - as you've probably seen all of these things before. But hey, I like to think thats where my blog is a bit different to those constantly wearing something new - you can actually see I love these items as I'm in them all the time! 

Outfit details (click on the links to browse/shop)
shoes = as worn, Isabel Marant at Vestiaire Collective

Photos by Amelia Allen Photography, taken using the Canon 5D available at John Lewis.

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Eloise said...

I LOVE the breton top. I own about 34234234 black and white ones, I definitely need to venture into some colour xx

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