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I've been pretty quiet on the blogging front since the holidays as I've been a bit unwell; still unsure quite what but it's majorly unsociable and means I haven't really felt like doing much. I'm going to try and make a conscious effort  to "get outside" so I decided I'd take a proper walk to get some fresh air into my lungs. I am most definitely the type to get cabin fever and after watching 300 episodes of The Good Wife and reorganising the cutlery drawer, I realised it might be time to leave the house. That and that the dog was about to wet himself...

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I've felt pretty overwhelmed during 2017 so far; this year could be quite a big one for me if I put my head down. For the first time (over Christmas) I really felt affected by social media and it's made me think about what I'm projecting out to my followers. I was scrolling through the perfect feeds with the perfect outfits, lives, flat lays and houses and felt inadequate - Why would anyone read my blog? Was I good enough to write one? Was I thin enough to write one? Do I have enough followers? What if people don't like me? 

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Then I got a grip of myself and took a good look. I'm healthy (ordinarily, not right now, but still) which is a bit of a miracle given I've spent more time in hospital than your average rugby side. My flat is tiny but lovely. I have wonderful friends and family, even if my sister and I do bicker like teenagers on a weekly basis. Gus rocks - I won't go into it as I know my single friends have a real thing about those who gush about their love lives on social media, and I totally get why. When I was single seeing couple-induced-happiness on Instagram used to really get me down...

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I wasn't one of those who went into January with a to do list. I went in with a sick bucket, and (sadly) it wasn't because I'd stayed up all night partying. When you see all of these "10 Ways I Made Myself F*cking Awesome And Better Than You" posts on Twitter it just makes you want to scream. So, I'm giving you, me. I'm behind already and it's January the 5th. I haven't done my taxes yet, and I've lost my debit card. I hope thats ok... My posts in January will be more of the tone "Things to buy to get you through this dull AF month without killing yourself." In fact I think I might start that one right now...

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All that said, this year for me is about consolidating and empowering myself. Two big words I know, but let me explain. I've been working for myself for nearly three years now and although on the surface of it I get to do some really cool stuff, see really cool places and work with really cool people, I'm ready to take it to the next level. I've never quite got there, at least in my opinion. You probably won't have heard of my little consultancy One Roof Social, but we're taking shape nicely and we're hoping this is our year. We did some work at the end of last year that I'm super proud of, and I've got the team I've always wanted to work with which feels really good. I'm also going to do some consulting for some very cool businesses, which as soon as I can, I'll share.

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Blog wise, I'm going to try and work on my narrative a little as there's lots I think about and don't write about. I've seen through my Instagram Stories (here) that you guys seem to quite like my ramblings, so you're going to see a bit more of them. I'm going to write about how I'm getting on with my business as well as all the usual fashion, beauty and travel stuff. It's not going to work to a strict content schedule for a while because actually my blog exists because it's fun, it's a hobby and I'm keeping it that way. So there.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Anna, I've been a quiet reader for a while now. Seeing that I haven't got my Shit together for january either made me like you even more. So I felt like saying thank you for making me chuckle on a daily basis with your witty comments, instagram stories and Blog posts that don 't show a ├╝ber skinny girl wearing the same boring clothes as the models in the magazines. Get well soon, x liesa

Josie said...

Boo, sucks that you're ill - hope you feel better soon! And I LOVE your insta stories! x

Sick Chick Chic

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Awww Leisa thank you so much. Always good to know my ramblings appeal to someone! Xx

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

Haha again thank you, I try. Well actually in truth I don't - part of my problem is that it's pure uncensored waffling! Xxx

Unknown said...

I like your stories on Instagram... gut problems here too! And I'm not just hoping to get my 2017 together but my life in general. Everyone has a perfect life online except me...

Abby said...

I love when you tell us more about your life because I really like your personality.
I hope you take it as a compliment when I say that I really have stopped following a good 98% of fashion bloggers via bloglovin apart from you and....well actually you are the only fashion blogger left (maybe now thelondoner has turned into one as well, but alas). And the reason for that is that you are one of "us" - the funny, mistakes admitting, not always perfect, sometimes manrepeller, just loved these colourful tassels, waiting for the right vestiaire collective post girl next door living in my old neighbourhood! Please don't let social media get you down! You were slaying it in the last half of 2016 with the blog posts and with the announcement in this post there is much better ahead in 2017, I can feel it! (I am essentially hoping you add a bit more "social" pieces in here - like cupofjo, if you know the direction I am heading?!)
Alright enough rambling - love you from afar. Always know that there are more people out there loving your pictures and posts silently than trolls hating publicly!
Abby aka darlingoffortune ;)

GlamRosie said...

Love your honesty Anna, it's so refreshing, thank you for it! Saw your Insta Stories and headed over to read this post. Wishing you all the best for 2017. Try some Maca powder in a smoothie and Propolis tablets to get rid of illnesses! x

Millie said...

I love this Anna. You are so honest and I don't think you could be any other way. You Insta stories are the first I go to and possibly only ones I listen through. I love that you acknowledge how nothing is perfect in a real and non contrived way. You are so genuine. Keep doing what you are doing and best of luck with your new business venture.

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