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Some of you remember a few months ago I went to Berlin with Emma for a quick 48 hour trip? Those who followed our Instagrams (mine here) will know that I completely and utterly lost myself shopping in the city. Who knew it would be so good? I certainly didn't! One of the stores I went to was called April 1st (which is the perfect example of what boutique shopping should be) and spotted an Equipment blouse of dreams - jungle print and super soft. Not every one's taste I'm sure but I was head over heels. 

outfit details and links at the base of this post

More fool me, I decided not to buy it. It was 35 degrees when we visited and it was long sleeved... It was quite expensive too and me being me thought I could outsmart the market and find it cheaper at home. Well... I was wrong. I scoured the internet for days, weeks and months. I had alerts up on Farfetch, Lyst and ShopStyle, the works. Nothing. My sister works for an online retailer and I had her going through the systems for signs for a jungle print shirt. No luck.

outfit details and links at the base of this post

So I bit the bullet and emailed the store back in Berlin. A few weeks later, my credit card a few pounds lighter and a brownie-point-earning sister earning her keep, here it is in all it's glory. As I said, this isn't for everyone and I'm sure half of you would go mad if you knew how much I spent on it... It's probably best if I direct those of you who do like to a super similar one I found at Bimba y Lola here, and a paler version here.

outfit details and links at the base of this post

I'm wearing mine in the way I always style printed shirts/tops = with jeans, boots and a jacket. The "jacket" in this instance is my everlasting fur gilet from Iris and Ink (a hero purchase last season you can still buy one incredibly similar here) which gets so much wear at this time of year. My jeans are my staple Topshop mom jean which you can find here and my sunglasses are Fendi (again! becoming a bit of an obsession!) here...

Outfit details and links
fur gilet = as worn, Iris and Ink (past season) / similar here
sunglasses = as worn, Fendi
belt = as worn, Fat Face (12 years old) / similar here

Photos taken with the Olympus Pen 7 found here at John Lewis, using the 45mm lens here.


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