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As you may have seen from my Instagram last week I popped down to Jaeger's new Marylebone High Street store to see what all the fuss was about. You've probably already caught onto the fact that Jaeger have seriously upped their fashion-game this season. Everyone in the industry is wearing them at the moment (check out their full collection here) particularly outerwear pieces like this coat and this knit.

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For me Jaeger represents British luxury, and always has. I can remember Mum wearing a gorgeous navy, long coat from there and that she was very proud to own it. Something about that has been instilled in my brain ever since. My sister worked for the group a few years ago when it was going through a bit of an odd stage - with fusion line Boutique (now no longer) filling a gap which US brands like Kate Spade later took over. So Jaeger needed a rethink and after new ownership and creative direction the brand is back with a vengeance with some amazingly good (and not scarily priced) staples.

Three categories you can't afford miss are; 

Coats = I was away with a friend last weekend and fell in love with her teddy fur coat. The quality of it is just incredible, and I just wanted to cuddle up in it the whole time. Whilst most definitely an investment price point, I don't doubt you'll have this for life. This Alpaca wool one is incredible too, not to mention my own pick - a very classic trench coat for a fraction of the cost of others of similar quality.

Donna Ida Collaboration = I Instagrammed about this earlier this year (here, in case you missed it). The entire collection is worth a good snoop (I really recommend the black wool tops, and am the proud owner of this one) and if you're looking for a new blue denim try their Mia jean out.

Knitwear = The entire high street has really upped it's jumper-game this season so the fact that Jaeger still stands out says a lot about their collection. I need my knits to be soft, cozy but also sturdy - as a dog owner and being slightly clumsy with coffee I need to not freak out when life's little accidents happen. For this, Jaeger is perfect. I'm lusting after this one that everyone (including Emma, below) owns. For £150 I cannot begin to explain how much I need this...

outfit details and links at the base of this post

Blogging can sometimes be a bit of a lonely job as affectively you work for yourself, often at home alone. So it was really nice to be able to be alongside friends on this project particularly when you have to have your photo taken on a busy London street. Emma had just finished her photos when I turned up, so we had a few taken together. Sadly for me she's a foot taller than me and a hell of a lot more elegant. The snap above was the best pic of the bunch, which says it all...

outfit details and links at the base of this post

I'm not a natural in front of the camera (I get really moody with myself and usually end up storming off leaving my poor boyfriend clueless in the middle of a mews street somewhere) and struggle to get poses right or anything of that sort. 

So I took a light hearted approach and goofed around on some steps. Turns out shots from those moment were my favourite - and helps to show how comfortable I was in the trench coat. Although it is super tailored and a structured fabric it's really easy to wear. Also, having sat and compared it to other much more expensive ones my friends have I really think it's exceptional value for the quality and craftsmanship, find it here.

outfit details and links at the base of this post

To be specific about my outfit, I chose a cropped wool knit here to wear underneath my coat as I want to try out wearing it with shirts and jeans, and also to go with pencil skirts. I forgot to take a snap of the details but it has really cool wide/bell sleeves - have a look here. My scarf isn't on the site yet but has arrived in stores (an excuse to have a peek at the new one in Marylebone) and the aforementioned denims are called the Mia jean and are so soft/light I kept worrying they were falling off because I couldn't feel them on anymore! Lastly, the tote bag is going to be my new every day one, love how simple it is and it goes with everything.

outfit details and links at the base of this post

Outfit links and details
sunglasses = as worn, Jimmy Choo 

This post was in collaboration with Jaeger. Photography by Moeez Ali.

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