The last few weeks have most definitely taken a turn weather-wise (and thats before I even start with our weekend in Stockholm - so cold) and for the first time I've actually had a proper "wardrobe switch" from summer to winter. I packed up my tops and tees and was left looking as a pile of grey, navy and rust. As much as I love all that, it wasn't the most inspiring set of clothing so I set about searching on ASOS for something with a little bit more "oomph." And I found this.

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The colour is just really uplifting. I know that sounds a bit silly, but I'd forgotten how much I like wearing green. I have a years-old cashmere knit from Reiss in the same colour and whenever it goes on my mood is instantly brightened. When it comes to this shirt I love the colours, the floaty bits (sorry, I'm sure there is a far more official word), the florals and the fact you can look just as good as it on a skinny day as you can a fat one - a necessity during these bleak, roast-and-wine-induced-bloating months to come...

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It's from a Korean brand called Stylenanda which is pretty new to the UK market (I think ASOS are the only ones to stock them) and having done some investigations they're a pretty big deal (2.4 million followers on Instagram). I was a bit worried that the sizing wouldn't work for me as Far Eastern brands often come up incredibly small but this is a small and fits me really well (I'm a standard size 10, with arms and thighs I wish were a tad smaller).

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I'm all for adding in a bit of colour and patterns to my otherwise thrivingly-neutral (read: boring) wardrobe and have since spied a few more bits. I'm not prepared to spend a fortune on prints, with the exception of an Equipment shirt I have tracked down to a boutique in Berlin and paying an extortionate amount of money to own... It arrives this weekend. So, with double the reason to by frugal this month I've found this pink top from ASOS and this green kimono dress. I haven't bought them yet but fully intend to this weekend (pay daaaaayyyyyyyy).

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The jeans, as pretty much always, are from Paige. You just can't beat them. If someone told me I'd be an advocate for a £200+ pair of denims a few years ago I'd have laughed out loud. However, having worn these beauts for a while now I can honestly say the difference is outstanding. They keep their shape, they actually fit and they're so soft they often fall through my hands when I'm putting them on... Find the majority of their collection at Selfridges here, or as a tip try hunting down a pair on sites like The Outnet here or Paige's own sale page here.

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You may have noticed my hair, and thank you to all of you who commented on it over on Instagram, really meant a lot. It's not like I got my head shaved off or anything but cutting my hair really does take a couple of vodkas for me. When I was ill last year it thinned a lot, more out of stress than anything else. So it means I now have lots of new hair coming through thats an awkward 7/8 inches long. Cutting my hair shorter makes it far less noticeable as it blends in with the layers... When I got it done at Sassoon I really thought it would be a short term solution but I think I might stay like this for a while!

Whatever you're doing this week, I hope you have a good one! Nearly payday, Halloween and Bonfire Weekend, etc. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I love your sunnies - where are they from?

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