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Welcome to my local! When we decided on Hampstead this pub was one of the reasons were we so set on our apartment. Located just up the hill from the tube, you feel a world away from London and more as if you are living in a village 50 miles outside of the capital. If you're looking for somewhere for a girly catch up, Sunday roast or date night - make this place your destination. 

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All the locals know each other which feels really lovely and is quite unusual for London. Having a dog massively helps as we walk around the area a great deal, but having only been here for a few months we've already met some brilliant people. When we went away for a couple of weeks in July, it was nice to know the neighbours had realised we were missing... 

I haven't really gone into depths about what I do for a living yet. I'm pretty sure most are assuming I am a "kept woman" as I go to Pilates in the mid mornings and seem to have a infinite number of shopping deliveries and couriers. In a way, I kind of like it. That said, it is making me a little more hesitant about being seen having my photo taken. When these were shot (with Lindsey last week) I was trying my best not to be spotted doing them, whilst "getting the shot" at the same time...

outfit details at the base of this post

I've started to make a bit of an effort with heels as I really, really see a difference in my posture and appearance when I do bother. Being only 5 foot 4 and quite curvy I can easily look short and dumpy, and wearing even just a little heel really makes a difference. These pumps are the Chloe ones that I've had for a while. I felt guilty over their cost but my god they're comfy. If you can have a splurge, make it on these (or even the new season darker ones here). Aside from their beautifulness, the block heel has also opened up a whole new world to me. Since buying them I've realised how easy the style is to wear, and have picked up lots of them including these super fun ASOS babies here.

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I've also discovered the benefits of a high waisted jean having assumed they were meant for the skinnier, taller of my kind. In fact, when I wear them paired with a cropped top or shirt it seems to elongate my jeans and make my waist look smaller. Especially when paired with a heel. These ones are my old faithfuls from Topshop. They come in a variety of washes, these are the "vintage" wash (find them here).

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The shirt is a new addition, also from Topshop. I've had a black one for about five years and had been looking for a white version for ages. I've been wearing it with jeans like this, but also with my pencil and midi skirts for work. It's actually not that see through, I've got a nude vest on underneath here and you can't see it at all! Get yours here, see this cheaper version here, or if you're feeling bold they've done a rust and gold coloured one that I've got my eye on here and want to get, very Gucci-like!

outfit details at the base of this post

After spending twenty minutes trying to subtly take these snaps in front of the pub, we went straight in started the weekend with a shandy. Whatever you've been up this weekend I hope you had a great time and made the most of the last of this year's sunshine!

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sunglasses = as worn, Max and Co jewellery = all Astley Clarke

Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.


What Eva Wears said...

Love this outfit! Those shoes are so nice! x

GlamRosie said...

Oh my gosh that shirt - I adore it! Sold out in my size on line so going to have to hunt one down. Love those jeans also and after a straighter legged pair to my usual Joni's and Leigh's from Topshop so will definitely give them a go. Stunning outfit X

Unknown said...

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