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Yay for the weekend! It's my first at home for a while so I've been spending it sorting and relaxing. Yesterday was an icky day weather wise, but I decided to make the most of it and go into town and meet a friend at a new brilliant gluten free, vegetarian restaurant/cafe called Ethos on Eastcastle Street, just behind Oxford Street. Before I did, I snapped a few pictures of my outfit... 

outfit details at the base of this post

This is a pretty typical weekend outfit for me; jeans, top, little bag and some kind of block heel or trainer. I'm not quite ready to give up on summer just yet so am trying to get as many wears of my Chloe sandals in as possible. When I first got them I was a bit challenged with how to wear them, I don't make habit of wearing expensive shoes every day so want to take care of them, but do not see the point of not wearing them! As it turns out, for price per wear they've been epic. They look great with denim and a simple top - so if you do feel like treating yourself, here is the link... For those not so keen but want the look, try these babies in the Topshop sale for £10...

outfit details at the base of this post

The bag and the jeans were both cheeky purchases from a trip to Bicester Village last month. I was driving back from Scotland and decided to swing by. Long time readers of the blog will know I have been dying for a Celine Trio for a long old time. I stalked Vestiaire Collective for months and months but eventually decided I wanted a brand new one. So, I took some advice and asked the girls in the Celine Bicester store is they had any at the back and this green one (above) was presented to me. I bought it in a heartbeat, for less than a third of the RRP!

outfit details at the base of this post

The jeans are from Levi. I went in and what with the various promotion and offers got 4 pairs for under £100, so you'll be a seeing a lot more Levi on the blog these days! These boyfriend ones are supposed to be cropped and have a cut off edge - but being 5 foot 3 I still have to roll them... They've so soft too, even after I washed them in the sea in Croatia and in three cold washes to shrink them a little to hold their shape! Find the exact same ones here.

outfit details at the base of this post

The top is from Gap, a store that I really recommend you take a look at for AW16. I love their basics-with-a-twist. This green top is so easy to wear and super comfortable - looks like you've made more effort thinking about your outfit than you have. Find it here. Lastly, the sunglasses are from Max and Co. I absolutely love them, once I'd got over them being quite "out there" - find them here.

Outfit details

sunglasses = as worn, Max and Co

Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.

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