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Well, the last month flew past and we're now at my favourite month of the year. I am a massive September fan - it's still light in the evenings, mild in the afternoons but you can justify the odd winter purchase. When friends ask when is best to visit London, I always say September. Plus, the schools have gone back which means I can get from A to B near my flat without mowing down a few 9 year olds playing Pokemon. Here's all the stuff I've hunted down to buy this month, as you can see I'm still going for colour, mixed amongst the basics...

bardot top, Storets / shorts, Topshop / flip flips, Charlotte Olympia for Havaianas / bag, Urban Outfitters


In my mind, now is the time for investments. I've been through my wardrobe and culled it significantly (expect me to push my Vestiaire Collective page imminently) and am using the proceeds to fund the new season. Autumn is great for working out which basic long sleeves, light knits and warmer work clothes I still need. I am really enjoying Net A Porter at the moment, they have introduced me to new names like Mira Mikati and her awesome emoji based collections including this must have sweater...

J.Crew really does make me happy, as a concept. In reality it's damn expensive and you need to shop wisely (ie: the sales). However, you can't beat it for basic long sleeve knits like this navy one and then I meandered over to their collection with Drake (whole thing here) and accidently slurged on this oh-so-soft Bengal tiger print shirt here. I'm not one bit sorry. Ooh, and if you're looking for noticeable-effort-looking work tops, these are great and super flattering.

Off the shoulder tops (or "Bardot tops") aren't going away and neither should they... I bought the pom pom ones above from Storets here, and have also found really good options at Topshop here. I don't really like my upper arms or shoulders so I've found that tops with a thicker band at the top like this one at Topshop, this one from Storets or this one (with additional cover/detailing) from ASOS are total winners.

Flower power has well and truly hit, this shirt from Topshop and this from Etoile Isabel Marant are awesome. For foot wear we're going back to basics with these gorgeous suede go-with-anything ankle boots from L.K.Bennett. I try to resist their collections every year and fail miserably. And last but not least, Warehouse. This brand completely went off my radar for about three years their most recent collection has put them firmly back on there. This jumpsuit is amazing for anyone looking for "office casual" and they have some super basic-with-twist tops like this and this.

Underwear wise, if youre anything like me you ate too much on holiday and just want to be comfortable. New discovering Cosabella is perfect for anyone who wants to look good for no effort whatsoever. This bra is like a hug, and the boyfriend actually commented on my hot new underwear which is a win because little does he know it feels like a sports bra...


My skin has continued to really struggle this month, the ever changing weather can't be good for us can it?! I've been militant with my regime using my usual daily creams and serums and adding some specialist treatments.

I'm going to continue to wax lyrical about REN skincare Glycolactic Radiance Serum until all the women who read this blog buy one. It's amazing. Skin is dry? Skin is oily? Trying to hang on to tan? Trying to prep your skin for a tan? Worn too much make up? Hungover? This stuff solves it all. Yes it's not cheap and yes it feels like marmalade, but shut up and try it. Rant over.

I was also sent over some new products my Perricone MD. I love this brand and swear by their "no make up, make up" range (find it here) so was curious to test some things out. The one I'd really like to mention (they were all excellent) is the Intensive Pore Minimiser. I have quite large pores at the sides of my nose and they often get blocked (gross, TMI, sorry). This stuff has really helped, in fact looking at my face now they've really shrunk and are very clear. Use it like a toner each night and within two weeks expect this difference, find it here.

Next up, Estee Lauder's Resilience Lift. I hate my chin, and everything between my chin and my neck. I've spent hours looking up how (bar reducing food intake by half) to get rid of it. When this arrived I was dubious but jeez it actually does work. Admittedly not forever, but if you've got an event or a wedding coming up get this, use it the day before and perhaps in the morning and your skin will look firmer, tighter and just a bit better!

Our friends started Skin and Tonic some time ago, and it's always tricky to communicate that to readers without sounding like I'm just telling you to buy their stuff because they're friends and we want them to become the next big brand. There's an element of truth to it, but whats really true in this case is how good the products are. Their Gentle Scrub is a brilliant morning revitaliser and doubles up as a face mask if you mix it with honey or yogurt (or in my case, coconut oil). I used this on holiday and it really helped me keep my skin soft and supple in the sun... Check out their whole range here.

Last but not least, Malin and Goetz. Not the first time I've harped on about these guys so I'm hoping you'll get the message soon. If you have a problem go to these guys. Their sulfur paste is the miracle you need when a spot blows up suddenly (it stings, I won't lie, but it works). Their face pads are the most thorough thing I've found (they scratch a bit but they take out blackheads by themselves) and swear by them, and their peppermint shampoo and conditioners make my hair volume-y, not fly-away and generally pretty damn nice.

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