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These photos were taken on our break to Scotland last week, which was a much needed detox from the stresses and strains of London life. Both of us have been very busy balancing work with work, with a little bit of play sprinkled on the top. We were exhausted, and arrived happily at the beach with Lopez for an evening stroll. I thought these pictures of pure bliss were the perfect backdrop to a recent new discovery...

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A few months ago I was asked to go and review a Chinese Medicine practitioner. I was dubious. Having really been put through it the last few years health wise, I had visions of someone trying to encourage me to look at the stars whilst chewing monkey genitalia and chanting. I really didn't think it would help me in any way whatsoever. How wrong I was.

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Firstly, when Katie opened the door I was pretty surprised. Wash away all preconceptions of the type of person you'd expect to do this kind of thing - Katie is the type of person you'd want to know where she gets her blow dries as much as you would want information about health and wellbeing. Her own journey to Chinese Medicine is a fascinating one, and more importantly to me, entirely logical. She watched western medicine continuously fail those around her and looked for alternatives.

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In simple form, the Chinese believe that every human has a unique balance in their body controlled by 5 core organs; liver, lungs, digestive system, heart and kidneys (note that the brain isn't one of them...) and that your balance is set based on when you were born - down to the time of day and position of the moon. It does make sense - if you think that the moon controls the tides of the world's oceans we'd be ignorant not to consider it has some pull over our bodies too, no?

When I saw Katie I was in the thick of a frustrating process with our health system. Having had a cocktail of digestive issues, the NHS was really struggling to know what to do with me - despite having seen the top people in 3 departments across 3 hospitals. Katie instantly gave me a perspective on my health history that had never been thought of before - connecting my brittle asthma to my tumour in a simple and matter of fact fashion that left me feeling somewhat daft to not have considered it before. In a weird way despite still feeling sickly it gave me a huge sense of calm - feeling like I knew what was going on. As Katie says "sometimes a diagnosis is half the cure."

There are years worth of books on Chinese Medicine, but Katie vehemently believes that simple yoga-like practices each day can ward off the majority of illnesses. Stress causes a huge % of  health problems, and so making an effort to calm and relax the mind and body each day can make the world of difference. Two months in, I'm hastened to agree. Katie has just launched Hayo'U as a way for people to benefit from her 1 minute methods online. Take a look at them here.

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If you (like me) are a bit of a sceptic, I challenge you not to feel the benefits after a week. After a month, despite still being stuck in "emergency waiting lists" through the NHS, the Hayo'U practises are massively helping me stream a balance between feeling unwell and managing to work, and play. I really do recommend you take a look, full information here.
This post was in collaboration with Octane UK and Hayo'U. All wording, positioning and photography my own.  Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.

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