These pictures were taken just after our friend's wedding in Sicily. We were wandering about the beautiful venue in search of bacon sandwiches and medical aid after dancing the night away. In a typical "poor old Instagram husband" fashion I made the boy stop what he was doing and take some pictures of me in my dress because I really, really wanted to share it with you all.  

outfit details at the base of this post

It's amazing when you find the perfect little white dress, it's even better when your friend made it. In summer things like this form the basis of every single one of my outfits. You can throw it on, put some flats with it for daytime or some heels for evening and you're done. You can also keep it handy in your beach bag for putting on during lunch, or to pop to get ice cream, or for post-beach drinks. 

outfit details at the base of this post

It's from Pampelone which you've more than likely already seen on Instagram as lots of us bloggers have been making any excuse to wear it. My lovely friend Holly set up the brand having seem a gap for premium quality, reasonably priced beachwear. She's completely nailed it and less than two years on she's stocked all over the world, included Very Exclusive.

outfit details at the base of this post

Sizing wise, I'm a pretty standard 10 (with a bum, so sometimes a 12 in places like Topshop were they almost fine you for not being a model) and I take a size small in all things Pampelone. Considering they're all quite oversize I always feel really slim in my dresses, Holly has got the fit completely bang on. I can't recommend them enough, check out the whole range here.

outfit details at the base of this post

After the picture we drove up to Palermo, took the overnight ferry and headed to Amalfi for the best holiday of my life. I'm itching to get away again now, it seems like too long ago...

Outfit details
dress = as worn, Pampelone / stocked at Very Exclusive here too (as always sells out super fast)
hat = as worn, pinched from a feature at the wedding and therefore not for sale

Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.

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