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As most of you know I've recently moved house, back to the north side of the river in Hampstead. We spent a long time looking for our new home and had this one not come up I think we might have given up after a couple of real disappointments. The flat isn't very big so we have to be incredibly creative with the space, and when La Redoute got in touch to ask how we'd furnish a dining/study room it came at the perfect time...

furniture and outfit details at the base of this post

If you're anything like me the brand La Redoute reminds me of good old fashioned French catalogue shopping. I had absolutely no idea they did homeware, even if I have since discovered that friend's amazing interiors are made up of pieces from them. I am determined not to have any Ikea in the house (one sneaky shelving unit has made it's way in, but it's days are numbered) and wanted proper furniture without the mammoth price tag. For that, La Redoute is absolutely perfect.

furniture and outfit details at the base of this post

We wanted to keep the room light and airy and have furniture that worked for me to use an office and for entertaining (ourselves and groups!). The table and bench combination work really well as the bench can be stored underneath for space, and also comfortably sits 2/3 people (or often in our case, 2 and a dog). I love the white metal legs, and whole thing has a really cool industrial vibe which perfectly fits our home...

furniture and outfit details at the base of this post

We picked two extra "normal" chairs as benches don't work for everybody and they're handy to have around the home. I'd had my eye on these for ages, they're such a classic style. The floors are already a lovely natural wood but we wanted something soft to walk about on. The boy picked out this rug which initiatively I wasn't all that keen on, but when it arrived I fell in love with it - the simple pattern is a really nice addition.

furniture and outfit details at the base of this post

But the big thing for us, like so many people, is storage. We needed cupboards to keep the surplus crockery from the kitchen and my necessarily large candle collection. Traditional cupboards can look bulky and take up a lot of room so we went with these wire mesh containers as you can see into them creating an illusion of space (I also snuck a copper one in, here).

furniture and outfit details at the base of this post

Accessories wise, I've tried to keep it light with pops of colour - my Tom Ford perfumes look great in my (meant for a bathroom) ceramic holder and Percy the polar bear is loving his new life on the window sill. Lots of you ask about my laptop cover; it's from Etsy here and after a year is still going strong...

furniture and outfit details at the base of this post

We snapped these photos early this morning, apologies for the lack of make up and wet hair. It sums up the start to our weekends quite nicely. As a blogger, weekends are the perfect time to organise ourselves and sort out some content, so I usually start going through emails and sorting my calendar before Lopez gets up for a cuddle. 

furniture and outfit details at the base of this post

Lastly, my dress is from Millie Mackintosh, lots of you probably already know of it as everyone was trying to get their hands on one last month - it's just come out as a mini dress here and also as the same maxi in blue here. Hurry up if I were you....

Outfit details

Furniture details

Soft furnishings and extra details

This post was written in collaboration with La Redoute, all photos, text and positioning my own. Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.


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Alice said...

What a gorgeous room! I've also just discovered La Redoute's interiors section and have ordered a rug - can't wait for it to arrive on friday! x

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