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Last week I was having a rummage through my photos and realised I never posted this outfit! These were taken on my weekend away with the girls back in May and I remember thinking "it's too cold to post these now for the UK" and then obviously it slipped my mind. We were walking through Marrakech in the baking heat trying to find the main square. Emma and Lindsey had never been and I wanted to see their faces when they saw the snake charmers and the dentist (who has a little stall, you choose your replacement tooth, he knocks yours out and shoves the other one in - yep, really).

Outfit details at the base of this post

Sadly as we are idiots we didn't find it. In fact I'm pretty sure we just walked around in a circle, got too hot so went back to the safety of our hotel. However, we did stop to take some pictures. I'd just bought this shirt and was questioning the investment. I'd ummed and ahhed over it for weeks and weeks; I love green shirts as it's basically a staple colour and looks great with all my blues, greys and blacks.

Outfit details at the base of this post

 Two months on I can confirm it's one of the smartest buys I've ever made. I love Equipment, but have only ever bought their silks before... As this is a linen blend it's very lightweight. The criss cross detail means it looks great thrown over a bikini, or if you want to wear it at home you can tighten it up or wear a vest underneath. Buy it here.

Outfit details at the base of this post

The shorts and shoes are this year's summer staples and I apologise for the constant feature in my feed! I'd been hunting for the perfect denim shorts for months - in fact make that years. I finally found them at Topshop which is fantastic as they didn't break the bank. Find them here - and they come in various shades of denim here. The shoes are from Havaianas here and are fantastic as they're made from flip flop material but are espadrilles. I have a couple of pairs now and on holiday I really don't need anything else... They're also excellent for late night dog walking ;)

Outfit Details
sunglasses = red frames, Gucci

Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here.

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