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I'm taking you back to Italy in this post - have been itching to put this content up for weeks! Whilst we were visiting the Amalfi Coast one hotel kept on being mentioned - Hotel Caruso. When availability came up for a night we literally rearranged our holiday plans to make the visit, and were not disappointed to do so AT all.

outfit details at the base of this post

I mean, you only need to look here to see how unique and incredible this hotel is - give me another place in the world with a view like that? We arrived and went straight for a dip (how could you not) before enjoying a bottle of bubbles in the room overlooking the very same view - here is a picture.

outfit details at the base of this post

It's very much a boutique hotel, so even when at full capacity (which it invariably is, unsurprisingly) it doesn't feel crowded and guests have their own patches of grass by the pool overlooking the view and right by the extremely relaxed bar. In the evenings you can dine inside the hotel or at the incredible Belvedere restaurant - we did this and were blown away with the quality of the food, service and, of course, the views.

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When you're somewhere as special as this, you need to dress for the occasion. I got this Zimmermann dress a couple of weeks before the trip and was dying to wear it. I'm not usually a girly girl, as a kid I was the one with the mullet hair cut wearing blue and playing with my train set and Lego, but this really brought out an inner princess I didn't know I had. It's so comfortable, the cut out is in just the right place so I felt amazing in it... If you make one special purchase this summer, let it be this (totally get its expensive so put a couple of similar high street ones at the base of this post).

outfit details at the base of this post

The shoes you've seen before and thats because I live in them. Such a brilliant purchase. Look designer, cost nothing. I could run around all day in them too...They're from Mango here, but look like absolute copies of the Chloe ones here. They're now even cheaper than when I bought them - £12.99, do it (I'm itching for the black ones, here)!

outfit details at the base of this post

I really cannot recommend the hotel enough, it was a highlight of our trip. From start to finish it was absolute perfection. Our room was gorgeous, the bathroom was the size of my flat (we spent hours in the tub drinking champagne watching Entourage #thuglifechoseme) and little finishing touches like chocolates on your pillow before bed really make it the luxurious stay you'd want...

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Thank you Belmond for hosting this trip, all content, text and photography my own. Photos taken using an Olympus PEN EP-L7 from John Lewis here and the 45mm lens here.

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Vodkaandarose said...

Well chosen, you look beautiful in the dress Anna, ;)

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