2016 Summer Sales

It's all in the title to be honest! Here is the very best of the 2016 summer sales. I'll update them as more retailers go into sale, but I thought it might be useful for you to see options broken down by brand. As a tip, I always "add to basket" my favourites so I can literally log in and shop straight away... Some of my favourite pieces from this year have been incredibly heavily marked down- enjoy!


Topshop sales are always worth a gander. However can I just say; how good is that feeling when you've bought something recently and then sale starts, but the piece you bought didn't go in? That's how I feel about this dress. I'm obsessed with it, but if had been marked down I'd have been PISSED. This one IS in the sale though - and it's now mine and on it's way...

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mom jeans / black tie up flats / green dress / navy bomber jacket / dotty dress / white jumper with shirt detail / green boiler suit / sleeveless blazer / floral vest (£12!) / monochrome slip dress / cream heels 

First things first; denim. Topshop are good at it. Really good. I swear by their mom jeans and have two pairs now, including these that are now £20 or these classics for £25. If you're after an easy-wear pair that'll look good on Sundays with sweaters but also Thursday nights with heels, these are for you. Next up, dresses and stuff. I love this monochome print dress and for £18 it's awesome, and same goes for this LBDThis sleeveless blazer is awesome, I have one very similar and it's great to throw on over a shirt or tee in this WTF-weather. Oooh and this floral vest is amazing for £12.

High street brand sales are really good for picking up pieces from the fast-trends that don't seem to be going away. For example; bomber jackets. Everyone is still wearing them, but they won't be around for ever. This navy one for £20 is a brilliant way to get in on the look. Same goes for green jumpsuits, and this one is superb. Lastly, flouncy sleeved dresses are all the rage at the moment too, this dress is a perfect "way in." Footwear wise, we all know Toppers is the place to go to get designer copies. These Aquazzura flats are now dirt cheap, as these Kenzo silk espadrilles. These cream heels are amazing fail-safes for summer outfits too...


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red embroidered top (75% off) / black waxed jeans / green silk dress / black one shoulder dress / halterneck dress / blue leather jacket / blue suede leather jacket / printed shorts / marcel bag / black neoprene heels / white skirt / belts / taupe knitted jumper / silk vest / red leather purse / black bag

The Reiss sale is not to be missed. Everyone knows they're good for dresses, but their footwear and tailoring pieces are really strong too. Starting in our comfort zone, this green silk dress is the perfect 'work to play' or good for those events that you just don't know how dressed to be. LBD wise their are two showstoppers; this one shoulder dress is timeless, and this halterneck (I already have it) is literally the most flattering item in my wardrobe. Other good wedding/event staples include; this taupe sheer dress, this sky blue shift and this long sleeved rose gold number.

Hidden gems like this top for £50 are too good to miss, and this white skirt, these belts... and Reiss are good at leather and this blue jacket can't be passed up, especially at that price. I have one from four seasons ago that just gets better with age. These shorts are super good, and don't forget that things like knitwear are heavily reduced in summer; this taupe chunky knit and this navy sweater are excellent buys.

These black waxed biker jeans are a really good staple for anyone trying to look a little bit slicker (as opposed to plain jeans). The photo above doesn't do the fit justice, they are a gorgeous shape - buy your regular size here. Accessories wise, well where to start!? This Marcel bag is so lush, these black neoprene heels are awesome, I have these and they're super comfy - and this leather purse is butter soft and should really be more expensive...

Net A Porter

Net A Porter, the website of DREAMS. Here is a round up (apologies if this waffles but I'm shopping as I type and getting a bit excited): If you've read my wedding guest outfit edit you'll have seen my Ode to Needle and Thread. Some of the dresses featured are now heavily reduced, like this maxi dress and this top - shop the whole selection here, no excuse not to... Isabel Marant is always well marked down; suddenly the cost justification (lets be honest, Zara copies it very well) seems worthwhile when it's half price. This jacket (much lusted for, much copied) is half price, and this black top is awesome as a summer basic. The Elizabeth and James jumper worn on many a street style muse last fashion week (Palermo etc) is also in the sale in all colours; greywhite and pink.

Popular brands like Self Portrait here and J Crew here are (surprisingly) included. 40% off some of the best selling frocks of 2016 really is pretty special, don't miss pieces like this and this. J Crew essentials like this denim shirt and these cargo pants are half price...

Accessories wise some brands you never see discounted are included; Larsson and Jennings watches, and Ray-Ban sunglasses (and the classic shapes, amazing...)! As for footwear, some of the pieces that have gone into sale I just don't understand as I'd have thought they'd have sold out my now. Sam Edelman (the sandal brand of 2016 in my opinion) has reduced these to under £80 and these to £45 (FORTY FIVE POUNDS PEOPLE). These Giuseppe Zanotti espadrilles are 40% off, and these Aquazzura sandals are too... Say, what?!

J Crew

Ahh the J Crew sale, because who in their right mind would shop with these guys full price? We're all well aware of the dollar-to-pound changeover if we shop over the pond and we're not prepared to shop without it. Am I right ladies!? J Crew is the place for basics, whether you like or loathe their stores. I use the sale to refresh my basics and bring in some new core staples.

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embroidered linen top / red and white sun dress / grey and white stripe tee / grey silk cami / orange scalloped camiyellow off the shoulder tee / khaki silk shirt / blue stripe shirt / pink Elsie heels / palm print embellished shoes / striped mac trench / brown leather cross body bag / ring trio set

It will come as no surprise that I start with stripes; these Breton shirts start at £24 and as the proud owner of them all I can say they're super good even 50 washes down. Next on the list are their camisole tops which are worth the (reduced) investment; the simple Carrie shape and the scalloped Carrie cami are brilliant pieces to wear over and over again - available in a variety of colours! Thir coats and jackets are renown for being strong and this striped mac is the actual dream, particularly now it's £60 cheaper... Finally for the basics, their shirts are the best around and this stripe shirt and this khaki silk one are going to be my new everything. Other excellent summer staples include this sun dress (can't believe it's not Dodo Bar Or - brand of the moment), the yellow off the shoulder tee and this embroidered linen top, both 30% off.

Footwear and accessories wise, the sale is very good. Classic, staple shapes like the Elsie pump and their palm print sisters are an excellent starting block if you've never owned shoes from them before as they're half price. This crossbody is ace as a day bag and this set of three rose gold rings are incredibly good value.

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