Seafarer Collection with Barbour

Having spent a lot of time on the coast growing up, Barbour jackets are rather sentimental to me and my family. So when I was asked to take part in a campaign to launch their new Seafarer collection, I jumped at the chance. The brand are one of few to still be manufactured in their original factory in Southshields, and I went up to to see how the trademark jackets are made (in house, by a dedicated team of 140 all of whom have an extremely specific part to play in the creation of every piece). 

Following the visit the Barbour team treated Anneli and I to lunch at Riley's Fish Shack on King Edward's Bay, a simple little converted hut which cooks fresh fish on an open charcoal fire. It was super cold but the open fires and hot teas kept us going for some photos! I was wearing my Chock Wax Jacket (a great twist on their classic pieces), the Clove Hitch Knit and the Sealand Scarf, pairing them with my staple Topshop jeans and Converse pumps.

We ate mini fish pies, fish quesadillas, then followed by a surf and turf - needless to say we were full! There is nothing I love more than watching a kitchen in action, so it was great to see the food made from scratch. Really does go to show that simple is best; all the lobster had on it was seasoning and some freshly made lime/chilli sauce and it was the best I've ever tasted!

The lunch really did spell out what Barbour is to me; being in the great outdoors. Eating outside (in March) seemed totally crazy, but it captured the spirit of the whole trip even if we did risk frostbite at some points! We went off for a walk on the beach to help us digest all the food, you can see those pictures over on Barbour's blog here

All in all, Barbour is such a lovely company. I'm so glad I took the time to go and meet the people behind the brand. The level of their knowledge is just incredible - we were given a proper history of the brand and learned so much. Not to mention the workforce; a really fab, local group of people who clearly love their jobs as much as Barbour love them. As for the collection, it's a really lovely step on from the heritage jackets and has some great basics as well as some bolder colours. View the whole lot here.

This post was in collaboration with Barbour.

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Unknown said...

The jackets look great - and the food looked amazing! Lucky you!

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