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How we've already come to May's beauty edit I don't know - it feels like I only just finished April's one! This is the month that I really start notching up my skincare regime and investing in some decent products. The minute the sun comes out my skin seems to age without some serious help. It quickly goes dry, yet also really gets oily with the muggy weather. All in all, time to do a proper sort out and make sure I have the right bits...

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This month's post is a little bit different as John Lewis asked me to take a look at their own summer beauty edit (Super Nature), here. They've focussed on products that use natural ingredients, which is a must for me. Whenever I see a website's round up of bits I always expect that half of them will be what I'd go for, but their selection was completely spot on (pun not intended). They have all my hero brands for a thorough detox on my skin (REN skincareCharlotte Tilbury and Origins) as well as new things I was dying to try... I decided to only use things I'd never used before, and was sat like a kid by the fireplace at Christmas waiting for them to all arrive.

I'll try and do this in a sensible order; brand by brand. Starting with Clarins. I'd stumbled upon their trio of "boosters" and was really keen to give one a go. They're created to give you some help when you need it. I selected Repair as it's good for sunburnt or damaged skin, and added it to my usual moisturiser on Wednesday as directed.  It's now Sunday evening and I can already feel a difference on my (ridiculously) sunburnt nose. It also reduced the redness instantaneously... Next from them was their Instant Beauty Shot which is perfect to have in your handbag for those days when you have to wake up and go to work but your face doesn't want to. It really does "tighten and brighten" as suggested... (especially when matched with the Clinique All About Eyes which took my puffy, dark lids and reformed them into their former teenage-selves in one hit....

On that subject; Clinique. I appreciate this may be a little bit nuts to some of you given how long I've been blogging about beauty but I've never tried any of their stuff before. I know. The first one was an excellent benchmark as the idea of spending money on a soap baffled me. However, as someone who really hates the horrid tightness you get after washing your face with standard bar, I was a bit stunned by the difference. Goodbye supermarket-branded cr*p - I'm using this forever and ever, I don't know what's in it but it left my face feeling actually clean. I'd apply the same level of "wow" to the Dramatically Different Moisturiser. My skin turns tight and dusty very quickly, and coming back from my sunny weekend left it tired the fine lines appeared with a vengeance. This stuff sent them packing almost straight away... And lastly I'm yet to try the Overnight Mask but will do this evening so check out my Instagram to see how it goes...

Estee Lauder products make me really happy, nostalgia alone. It's what both my grandmothers used and the smell of them reminds me of sitting patiently on their beds waiting for story time. I'd never tried them myself though, as I'd always thought they were more "generalist" than for specific problems. As heads up for anyone younger; when you turn 30 sh*t gets real, and it all shows on your face. I woke up on my 30th birthday to presents, cards... and load of fine lines. I really have to work at things, and did not think Lauder was the brand to do it with. You can't see, but as you read this I'm eating my hat. The first thing I tested was the Advanced Night Repair, I tried it after a few glasses of wine (which always shows the next day). I woke up and looked like I'd been on a health retreat. Everything was tight and firm, unheard of. BUY IT HERE. The same impact happened with the Firm And Fill Eye Duo; my eyes looked 10 years old. I'm trying out the Resilience Lift this week so will let you know how I get on, but given everything else I'm expecting big things...

Last but not least, REN. I snuck in one of my all time favourites, the 1 Minute Facial cream. I keep mine in my handbag and use it whenever I'm away as a bit of a treat. If I know I have something coming up when I can't risk a break out, this is my failsafe. Just buy it, here. A new product for me was the Evercalm Moisturiser. I was fairly stacked with things to try so I gave this to the boy to test and I can tell you wholeheartedly his skin looked better after a few days use. He commutes on the underground so often gets congestion in his pores (he'll read this and not have a clue what I'm on about) and they looked significantly tighter and cleaner whilst using this morning and night...

I hope this list helps you, this time of year is so tough on skin. For full details on all of the products in the John Lewis edit, click here

Full review list:

Clarins: Instant Beauty Shot / Repair Serum
Clinique: All About Eyes / Soap / Dramatically Different MoisturiserOvernight Mask
Estee Lauder: Advanced Night Repair / Firm And Fill Eye Duo / Resilience Lift
REN: Evercalm Moisturiser1 Minute Facial

This post was sponsored by John Lewis, all words my own.

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