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Suddenly it’s the last week of April and I realised that what with the day job being (excitedly) hectic, the regular features on the blog have been a little neglected. This week I’ve escaped the Big Smoke in exchange for Dubai and whilst packing I put together April’s beauty post. I hope these posts help you work out what to invest in this summer, there are so many products being shoved in our faces at this time of year…
Last week I had a facial at the new Guinot spa at The Metropolitan in London. It’s the perfect “skin audit” as we go into Spring; my face felt really dusty and in need of good, deep cleanse which is exactly what I got from the treatment. I’ve worked with the brand for years now, and the girls reminded me about their Minceur Rapide. If you are planning on getting the legs out anytime soon, let this be part of your daily moisturizing routine. When they told me I’d feel firmer and less dimply in a fortnight I laughed out loud. But more fool me as the stuff really does work…

I’d never have thought I’d buy into the idea that your beauty regime has seasonal trends, but I’ve found myself leaning towards lighter, summery fragrances recently. I met with the Estee Lauder girls this month and thanks to them am huge fans of both TomFord’s Soleil Blanc (actually smells like holidays; suncream and sand) and Michael Kors’ Coral (grapefruits and elderflowers). 

Make up wise, summer continues as the theme. I was sent the new Tom Ford Soleil compacts to try, and really want to stress how good the Contouring Case is. As a complete and utter novice to the concept, I’ve found this great to very (very, very, very) easily shape your cheeks whilst giving a bronzed glow. Equally the Charlotte Tilbury 5Minute Box is the perfect “keep in your handbag” set. I only got mine a week ago and the brightening shadows are pretty worn down…

For my hair, I’ve been working really hard to keep mine in check. I’ve got a lot of new hair coming through following my treatment last year, and its all at a very awkward 2 inches long. Anything that’ll blend it in to the rest of my locks, or disguise it, is welcome. I’ve been swearing by treating my scalp to Philip Kingsley’sElasticiser this month (put it through your hair 10/15 minutes before showering) and the results are incredible. My usually fine-but-thick hair has turned much more bouncy, full, and feels much softer (without going all fly away). I’ve also used Josh Wood’s shampoo and conditioner to help blend in my natural colours with my blonde highlights as I haven’t had time to get them done – worked a treat! Lastly, I’ve been using Vita Coconut Oil on my ends to reduce splitting which has actually really worked.

Last but not least; sleeping. My patterns have gone a little bit haywire recently as I’ve been changing various medications and going through a bit of a stress period. Whenever I’m not 100%, my sleep is the first thing that takes a hit. The Net A Porter team sent me over a “sleep kit” with two genuinely life changing products. The first was This Works’ Deep Sleep Oil. I use a couple of pumps each evening and spread it across my forehead/temples and the soles of my feet. Bliss. Secondly; Skin’s sleepmask. I’ve never owned one before as I thought I’d feel claustrophobic, but no. Instead I find getting to sleep simpler and the silk fabric has had a notable impact on the softness of my own skin. I kid you not, treat yourself and try it here (would make a wonderful gift too).

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