Valentines Day with Mr Porter

A huge part of me thinks its a little bit wrong that there is a day to tell someone you love them, as if it excuses you for the other 364 (or 365 this year). But being a Scrooge about Valentines Day is almost as cliche as roses and chocolates these days, so I've decided to meet romance in the middle and buy a present that isn't all that traditional. Mr Porter asked me to put together my choices for best gifts on the day, so I killed two birds with one stone and bought mine at the same time (easily done when their new in section is so good).

You could easily pass the site off as just being clothes, but no. I'm very pleased that they stock Perricone MD as since asking if it will "sort his face out" half of my pot has disappeared - and it's the best night moisturiser in the world, ever. Secondly, they stock Tom Ford fragrances. If you follow me on Instagram (here if you don't) then you'll have seen that I went to a dinner with a brand a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of girlfriends. It was to celebrate their new SS16 beauty collection, but Rose and I were transfixed with this fragrance. As Rose says Oud Wood "is so good I want to have sex with it." So, buy it for your boyfriend, husband, commute-crush, or anything you have a remote inclination of doing physical activity with. Lastly on the beauty front, I really recommend REN Skincare's 1 Minute Facial here; perfect for the guy who is beginning to realise skincare isn't the devil, but can't be bothered to spend much time doing it...

My other half doesn't want for much, or so he says - put Mr Porter in front of him with a budget to spend and it vanishes in seconds. Their content is bang on - this piece about "manssential wardrobe pieces" is an excellent starting block. Quite a few pieces were subtly (read: not subtle in the slightest) highlighted: Newish name Officine Generale was frequently dropped in, this white shirt and this blue one are clearly on the wish list. Other favourites were a J Crew chambray top and a pair of Rayban Wayfarers.

Forgetting what he says he wants, I want him in Common Projects trainers. I am obsessed with them, to the point I realised I'd gone off piste on the way to a meeting the other day because I was following a man wearing them (to see if they were CP ones - promise). They just ooze cool - if he won't wear them I may have to replace him with someone who will... Seriously. These are my favourites, or these, or these.

Whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope it's a good one. I'll be embracing my Welsh side and going down to Cardiff for the rugby on Saturday - so Sunday will most likely be spent in bed with tea and the papers. With a boy who wears Common Projects trainers...

This post was written in collaboration with Mr Porter, all selections are my own.


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