TGIPD Part 1

It's rare that I commit to starting a new content series, but this is one I think I will actually be able to enjoy doing. TGIPD (thank god it's pay day) serves to help us all remember the pieces we saw a week ago when we barely had enough money to get the bus home, and window shopping felt like a punishable offence. Why is it that during these testing times we spot the things we really want to be buying? And then when we have the money (at least until the rent leaves our accounts) there doesn't seem to be anything worth splurging on? So, I've been listing up all the must haves for last fortnight to share with you...

First and foremost this denim dress from Warehouse! I've been pining for it ever since press days and now the time has come - yay! Next, I go through a love/hate relationship with Topshop. We fell out a couple of years ago when the store only catered for people like Rihanna, but I feel like it's becoming more trustworthy and caters better to my needs at the moment. I mean, can we discuss these shoes? They're genius - not to mention these. Other favourites include this striped top and this Victoriana-ish shirt (so flattering for anyone with a waist far better than their stomach).

Some other bits I've found are this fedora and suede skirt from Reiss, and ever since I saw Petro in this Stella McCartney jumpsuit last month I've been on the hunt for something similar. So far I've found this incredibly discounted Alice Temperley piece which is firmly on the wishlist. Last but not least, having seen friend's promote Banana Republic recently I've taken a refreshed look at the brand. These simple cargo pants are perfect weekend wear...

TGIPD will feature on the last Friday of every month moving forward, and if you see anything you think should be featured please email me here

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