Pyjama Party

Once again I think I'm hugely late on the bandwagon here - but better late than never, eh? In fairness, when a new trend comes in I like to watch it for a while and see where it goes. I'm completely done with spending money on a look that I can only get away with wearing for a month - too old for that rubbish now...

photo credit, Pinterest / paisley shirt, here and here

But the pyjama trend isn't going away is it? I first considered it when J Crew launched their paisley pyjama prints, but I couldn't get past the idea of my Dad asking me why I hadn't got dressed to meet him for lunch... Then I spotted my favourite editors and muses doing it and thought, "they're cooler than me, this isn't going to happen." But then mainstream brands like Marks and Spencer (this top here and trouser here are so cheap they're almost free) selling them and began to think it might be a look I can pull off - since the "normal" kids are rocking it...

So, I've decided I'm giving it a whirl during London Fashion Week (as if there is any time standing out blends in, its then). I'm going full on, night-time during day-time. So far I have found this Topshop shirt in the sale, the aforementioned Marks and Spencer pieces here and here, this And Other Stories print and this top to toe olive green pairing or this Maison Kitsune playsuit at The OutNet. I am slightly torn, but think I will probably go for the M and S pairing...

Lastly - is it pajama or pyjama? Answers on a postcard.

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