Boxing Day Sales

This post has obviously been written in advance, but I can very much predict what I am doing at this very minute (Boxing Day). I am tired (staying up for Santa, obviously), wearing clothes that stretch (the very idea of trying to get my jeans on would bring me out in hives), grumpy (having lost at all the games yesterday) and more than anything; immobile. And so, I shop.

Boxing Day sales have become a bit of a phenomenon, and how we did it before the days of online shopping astounds me. Who leaves the house on Boxing Day? Who are these people? I remember my sister working in Selfridges on the 26th once and saying that she witnessed screaming, violence and mild torture methods for the 8 hours the store was open. Nothing about this is appealing, and whilst the cheese board exists, I'm not departing the sofa. 

Here is my breakdown of the best sales, and what to buy...

Aaaaaah, the wonderful world of luxury - for less! Sale time is the only time I buy from Net A Porter (other than the bonus days of old) as the discounts are just so good. I stock up on everything from knickers to knee high boots if the price is right. My philosophy is; if its over £100 it has to be a basic colour, otherwise I won't wear it enough... Here are the best pieces I've found so far (ps this post will look a lot nicer if you turn off your ad blocker, as the photos will show up!):

From the bikini that all the bloggers have been wearing here, to the Tods shoes (50% off!!!) that every woman on the planet should own here, Net have it covered. I often get my basics re-sorted for the year, with pieces like this J Crew breton and this grey skirt (loved it since I spotted Laura in it) are just no brainers... think how much you'll wear them. Weekend basics like this Needle and Thread top, and these denim (Chinti and Parker) and navy (Equipment) shirts are incredibly good value for their brand and quality. Useful work pieces like this Topshop Premium shirt are super buys too.

It's really easy to get carried away in high street sales, and it's taken me years to learn not to. You do not need the purple tutu, regardless of the ballet themed hen do you have coming up (in June). Stick to your guns and apply the same rules as you should at full price: don't buy tack. Always check out the fabric label and length of the garment (most of my readers are - too old classy for crop tops and bum-scraping skirts). Here are the bits on my wishlist:

First up, this dress is what I like to call a "hider of all sins" and should be worn with joy after Christmas. Impossible to look fat in it. Thank me later... If you don't own a parka here or a simple black blazer here, please delete me and unsubscribe.They are weekend/weekday staples respectively and are the exact things to buy in sales. This denim shirt is £20, need I say more? This grey jumper screams "winter Sundays" at the top of its voice, and this prairie dress is the one that all the press have been raving about... Lastly lets be honest here, January sucks balls. So, pick yourself up midweek and wear some shoe-sparkle in the office. These and these are a tenner - win!

Ah, my favourite store to visit. Their sale started earlier this year, and boy is it good. The buying team at this department store need a serious high five. They were - lest we forget - the place that put little known brands like Self Portrait and Sandro on the map. Easy to go crazy here, so here is my edit:

When I say crazy, I mean it. Try not to buy all the Self Portrait dresses (which are half price here) and instead focus your mind on my personal favourite, here. Continuing the SP love, this top is absolutely beautiful. Next up, Hanky Panky knickers; I have a few pairs and love them as you always feel good in them. I can't take this brand name seriously after seeing Wolf Of Wall Street, but these Steve Madden heels are an incredible bargain for £44. Lastly, don't forget about the high street brands this store stocks; this Reiss jumper, Whistles top and Karen Millen sleeveless blazer are all excellent buys.

To do the ASOS sale properly takes a day in itself. Trust me, I've just done it. This is a Pandora's Box of sh*t if you're not careful - you have to know what you're buying. I start wish-listing stuff in early December so my basket becomes my sale options... So, here are the pieces I'd already been coveting (below) which stops me even glancing at the 1,000,000 tempting options in the main store...

navy shirt / checked shirt / suede shirt / fringed top / floral teddy / floral maxi

I've only mentioned ASOS brand items as you can find the majority of other things elsewhere. Firstly if you haven't bought from ASOS before, do. It's not like it used to be, it's not just meant for hustling, horny teenagers (nope Missguided does that for the world now) and normal people can buy from there. It won't fall apart in five minutes, I swear. Shirts like this navy cord one, this checked one and this suede one are perfect weekend wear.

denim shirt with pocket / red teddy / green boho topshift midi dress / simple white shirtpaisley top

Further more, denim is an excellent idea from ASOS. I've been swearing by their boyfriend jeans for years now, and these denim shirts (here and here). Dresses aren't half bad either, this one is great for work (could pop a shirt on underneath) and this one is a dead ringer to the Givenchy maxis everyone who is anyone is fashion is wearing. Underwear wise, I'm addicted to ASOS teddies (own all of them). This one is so cute and so cheap, closely followed by this red number.

Other Sales Worth Looking At

Matches Fashion (a slightly edgier Net A Porter) / Grazia Shop (serious discounts on brands like Sophie Hulme and House of Holland) / Reiss (always a winner, up to 70% off - very good for work stuff) / Whistles (don't forget the menswear) / And Other Stories (up to 50%, and dont forget the Nike trainers)



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Have a great New Year's Eve,
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Pazzta Tali said...

This place has the most perfect environment, great food, tasty wings, lots of good beer, but best of all - probably the best wait staff in all of country. Visited the convention center last month again, had another great time.

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